NetApp® ONTAP® 9.3 was released in November 2017, and officially went GA today! It’s a free and easy nondisruptive upgrade.


We have already published a comprehensive overview of all the great customer value that ONTAP 9.3 provides. So let’s wrap that all up in one pretty picture, and provide 10 good reasons to upgrade, as a handy infographic:



And don’t forget, if you have just two minutes, our ONTAP 9 overview video shows how you can harness the power of the hybrid cloud with software built for the modern enterprise, while future-proofing and simplifying your data infrastructure



Learn more about ONTAP 9 and get complete details at the ONTAP 9 Documentation Center.

Jeff Baxter

Jeff Baxter is Senior Director for Product Management for NetApp ONTAP Scale-Out NAS. In this role, Jeff oversees an elite team of Product Managers and Technical Marketing Engineers working to build and communicate NetApp’s industry-leading approach to scale-out NAS and the broader unstructured data market. Previously, Jeff has held a variety of technical and strategy roles at NetApp, including serving as Chief Evangelist for ONTAP, and Field Chief Technology Officer for the Americas at NetApp.

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