The data in your Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) software-as-a-service (SaaS) application is critical for your business. You know how important it is to keep track of customers to maintain a good relationship and to streamline your sales process. You also know that these efforts improve your profitability. Think about how much you rely on your Salesforce CRM data. Are you backing it up properly? If you lost that data, could you recover it easily?


Here’s what Salesforce offers if you lose your data: The company will restore a single record or your entire organization’s CRM data for a flat fee of $10,000. And the SLA is 6 to 8 weeks. Can your organization wait that long, and are you willing or able to pay such a high fee to restore your data? When it’s an absolute requirement to have that data, you have no choice but to pay up.


Until now, that is. NetApp® SaaS Backup (formerly Cloud Control) enables you to restore a record, an sObject, a custom object, and your full organization’s Salesforce data with complete control of the granularity and the cost.

More Reasons to Back Up Your Salesforce Data

So, now that I have mentioned 10,000 good reasons to back up your Salesforce data with NetApp SaaS Backup, let’s look at other reasons in detail.


Keep track of what has changed. Without point-in-time snapshots, it’s impossible to compare changes when you are trying to see how a parent-child relationship has changed or how many nested levels existed in a specific hierarchy two weeks ago. With a backup solution such as NetApp SaaS Backup for Salesforce, you can view the changes in sObjects (standard objects) across various backup snapshots and choose the ones that you want to restore.


Protect sandbox data. With NetApp SaaS Backup, you can revert to previous versions of applications if necessary, protect your custom code development, and preserve applications before you lose them to sandbox refreshes. You can also retain all your configurations with templates, validation rules, reports, and workflows.


Prevent accidental deletions or modifications. As you probably know firsthand, mistakes can happen in the Salesforce dashboard. One of your sales representatives might inadvertently select Closed Lost instead of Closed Won from the Opportunity Stages Picklist. Or someone might accidentally mark an opportunity in the Negotiation/Review phase as Closed when it’s really still open. NetApp SaaS Backup gives you a safety net that allows you to go back to a point in time, which is essential.


Get point-in-time recovery that goes back more than 90 days. For both production and sandbox environments, the Salesforce snapshot-like feature is available for only 90 days. With NetApp SaaS Backup, however, you can store your backups for as long as you want, and you can go back to any point-in-time snapshot.


Prevent intentional deletions. The last thing that you want is to lose your organization’s invaluable pipeline data under your watch—or ever. What happens when a sales representative leaves your organization and takes the pipeline with him or her? With a secure and comprehensive backup that you have created with NetApp SaaS Backup, you still have access to that data.


Meet regulatory and evidentiary compliance. In two recent court decisions, the discovery of data in the Salesforce SaaS platform was a key aspect of each case. One judge went on to outline the responsibilities of attorneys to make sure that data preservation efforts are implemented. When data is requested in a lawsuit, the limitations of technology cannot be cited as a reason for not being able to provide that data. So, it behooves your organization to cover its bases and to buy protection, like NetApp SaaS Backup, for your SaaS applications.


Now you know the risks of not backing up your Salesforce data and, more importantly, you know how to avoid them. Sign Up for the free 30-day trial today and start protecting your critical CRM data with NetApp SaaS Backup.

Namratha Manjunath

Namratha Manjunath is a Product Manager at NetApp. She is focused on Enterprise SaaS and Backups. When she’s not talking to customers about how important it is to protect their data, Namratha is finding new experiences in the SF Bay Area and cheering on her alma mater, Duke.

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