DevOps engineers face the seemingly impossible challenge of provisioning multiple up-to-date, easily refreshable test copies of large production datasets. With continuously running test environments, short development lifecycles, and the pressure to go ever faster, engineers need a cloud-native, high-performing file system unlike any that has gone before.


NetApp® Cloud Volumes Service and Azure NetApp Files provide ready-to-use, highly available, high-performing file systems in Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud environments. Cloud Volumes Service quickly deploys file service workloads, guarantees flexibility and SLAs, and offers consistently high performance across protocols. With Cloud Volumes Service, engineers can spend less time backing up data and more time innovating in the cloud.


How exactly do native cloud file services benefit DevOps engineers?

No Setup or Initial Build

When an engineer wants to start creating volumes, Cloud Volumes Service and Azure NetApp Files are ready to go. There’s no setup of the underlying cloud resources or ongoing server-side maintenance. Users simply choose the size of the allocation they need and start creating volumes.

Integrated NetApp Snapshot Backups

Cloud Volumes Service and Azure NetApp Files enable users to create storage-efficient NetApp Snapshot™ copies of any volume, any time. These copies help engineers streamline and automate virtual dev/test processes and fast environment provisioning. Snapshot copies are nondisruptive, instant, and easy to access and manage, enabling seamless recovery processes in line with the most stringent SLAs.

High Availability and Performance

Whether accessed through Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud, Cloud Volumes Service boasts high availability and consistently high performance. Cloud Volumes Service and Azure NetApp Files enable business continuity with no data loss, short recovery times, and nondisruptive upgrade processes. Without disruptions or delays, Cloud Volumes Service and Azure NetApp Files support business agility and accelerated time to market.

About Cloud Volumes Service and Azure NetApp Files

Cloud Volumes Service and Azure NetApp Files provide rich features that help you to better manage your data with consistently high performance. Register now to access cloud-native file services on the cloud platform of your choice: Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud. Get started and learn how easy it is to manage, protect, and restore your file data.

Jeff Whitaker

Jeff Whitaker is the Sr. Manager, Cloud Solutions Marketing at NetApp. When he is not carving out new horizons in product marketing for Azure NetApp Files for Microsoft Azure, he can be found racing motocross up and down the west coast. You can reach Jeff directly at

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