Anthony Lye & Tad Brockway at NetApp Insight

Like many of you, I’m here at NetApp Insight this week in Las Vegas where we introduced the industry’s first enterprise Network File System (NFS) service in the cloud, delivered natively in Azure and powered by NetApp®.  Did you catch that?  Industry’s first!  We also announced deeper integrations with Azure in Cloud Control for Microsoft Office 365 and NetApp AltaVault™. I wanted to give you a peak behind the headline and my five key takeaways from the announcement.


  1. This is the most natural extension to our partnership with Microsoft. Both companies share a deep understanding of the needs of global enterprises and offer numerous solutions that help you maximize the power of your data to achieve competitive advantage.  We’ve both always wanted to help customers win.
  2. It will make hybrid cloud life easier.  Cloud is great, but Hybrid Cloud can be confusing.  We can now extend the same Enterprise NFS on which you rely without the complexities and administration normally associated with file-based protocols.
  3. It will give you value faster for mission-critical applications in the cloud.  Since you’ll use the same enterprise NFS you already rely on, you can now bring your applications to Azure and continue to get the scale, performance, and reliability offered by NetApp’s leading hybrid cloud data services.
  4. Tight integration means that you will be able to access this service directly through the Azure console, delivering superior performance and ease of use. You will have a transparent reach into premiere cloud data services powered by NetApp.
  5. You get all the benefits of NetApp and Microsoft’s proven track records to help you innovate. We understand that you require a holistic approach to managing data that is secure, efficient, and future-proof. This partnership helps streamline the experience for you and help you respond even faster to customer demands.

The best news is you can get a piece of the action now.  Sign up to be part of the service preview today.


I look forward to seeing you next year!

Jennifer Meyer

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