We’re just days away from one of our favorite DevOps events: DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES)! This year we’re headed to Las Vegas (just down the road from our own NetApp Insight event) where we’ll be joining some of the most respected minds in the DevOps community to talk about the six core capabilities IT needs to deliver to support a DevOps framework:

  • Containers
  • Configuration management
  • Code and binary management
  • CI/CD
  • Cloud and PaaS
  • Analytics

One of the hardest things for people to grasp when it comes to DevOps – one size does not fit all. DevOps is a framework which requires multiple tools, resources and people to come together to deliver at a pace which keeps their organization and its product relevant, effective and competitive. Developers require instant access to tools and resources throughout the software development lifecycle that enable them to efficiently deliver value to the business. Operations teams need visibility to the resources developers consume in order to understand current consumption models and prepare for future needs.


NetApp’s six core capabilities provide a framework for customers to reference as they embark on their DevOps journey. By using a combination of many or all of these tools DevOps teams can deliver responsive, flexible, seamless environments on which the latest applications can be developed. So what does NetApp have to do with it?


NetApp provides the solutions which deliver infrastructure-as-code to simplify the management of your data and seamlessly access and migrate your data on-premises or in the cloud. APIs provide one way to enable these services but we’re taking it a step further by building out solutions to ensure both developers and operations teams alike have the simplest storage experience by using the tools they already know and love.


Trident, our orchestration tool for containers, has solved for one of the biggest challenges in container deployment, storage persistence, since its launch in 2016. There’s no comparable solution available today and it’s free to NetApp Element and ONTAP customers. That’s all I can say for now, but I’d highly suggest you stay tuned for the next wave of development coming very very soon (can we say Insight?).


At the beginning of the month we also refreshed our Ansible modules. With the support of Ansible, NetApp delivered over sixty new modules supporting Ansible 2.7 for customers to execute tasks like setting up volumes, scheduling snapshots, automating permissions, and more to make sure operations teams can deliver quality infrastructure and resources on-demand to meet the fast-paced needs of developers. Not only is this library of modules the most diverse offering from any infrastructure partner on Ansible’s radar, it’s also fully supported by NetApp.


And there’s more! Over the coming year we’ll be making updates and sharing solutions and best practices across the six core capabilities. Make sure to keep an eye on NetApp and our developer community, thePub for more information.


As for DevOps Enterprise Summit, make sure to stop by our booth and learn more about our existing solutions and integrations plus enter to win tickets to NetApp Insight’s customer appreciation event Wednesday night, featuring Lenny Kravitz! There’s so much to do in Las Vegas this year – we hope to see you at DOES!

Aubrey Muhlach

Aubrey is a product marketing manager for NetApp where she creates lively content and success stories for customers looking to achieve the next generation data center. Outside of work, Aubrey spends her time enjoying the Colorado sunshine and planning her next travel adventures.

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