Achieving a competitive advantage is critical in today’s digital transformation. The cloud promises companies to be more innovative and efficient at a much faster pace.


It’s true that with the cloud companies can expect to reduce costs by decreasing their IT infrastructure footprint, and leverage pay-as-you-grow models. Additionally, businesses can expect an improved time to market by digitizing and automating existing processes, implementing self-services, and benefiting from the ability to scale on demand.


All this improvement is possible before you even begin considering the opportunity to generate new revenue streams by implementing data-driven business models and services.


Then why are businesses still struggling with embracing the cloud?


Businesses continue to struggle with embracing the cloud, often by seeing it as just another aspect of IT rather than a way to cement their competitive advantage. Yes, Cloud can help improve, or even solve, connectivity, compute and storage capacity or performance issues. However, more importantly it can improve your business’s bottom line. The difficulty lies in bridging the gap between the cloud’s potential for business growth, or other business objectives, and the contribution cloud can bring to achieve those goals.


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Sebastian Zilch

Sebastian Zilch focusses on developing new services, products and business models for NetApp’s Emerging Solution and Innovation Group EMEA. He has extensive experience in cloud technologies and creating new business models. His mission is to help enterprises of all sizes successfully develop and implement their organizational cloud strategies. He therefore enables our NetApp sales force to be trusted cloud advisors. Sebastian further shares a passion for new technologies, specifically the blockchain technology.