In my last blog, I talked about the evolution of NetApp AutoSupport to Active IQ. I went over what I thought was really cool about this new and improved tool from NetApp, including some of the enhanced features and capabilities of Active IQ, as well as the updated mobile app and Discovery Dashboard that can help you get the most out of your data.


But as they say on those TV adverts, “Wait, there’s more!” Here are some of the less-publicized features of Active IQ that I think also deserve front-page headlines.

New Advisors

In addition to the numerous other improvements that have been made in Active IQ, some new advisors have been added to the Support Site and are accessible through the Active IQ Discovery Dashboard. These advisors give you new insight into your data so you can make better-informed decisions in real time. These advisors include: Risk Advisor, Interop Advisor, and Storage Efficiency Advisor. I’ll give you just a brief overview of each.

Risk Advisor

The new Risk Advisor benefits from the proven goodness already attained by the installed base and will give you recommendations based on community wisdom. Your risk mitigation will help to improve the confidence of those recommendations over time.

Benefits of using the new Risk Advisor include:

  • Better system availability by lowering your risk profile
  • Reduced planning time for upgrades by generating a single report that identifies which systems will benefit from an upgrade
  • Additional benefits of newer features in ONTAP 9

Interop Advisor

The Interop Advisor provides automated interop assessments in the NetApp Support cloud. It advises ecosystem upgrades (switch and hosts) by comparing OneCollect (see below) diagnostics against Interoperability Matrix Tool (IMT) compliance. Interop Advisor consumes OneCollect AutoSupports and reports on current configuration, identifies incompatibilities, and recommends supported configurations.

Storage Efficiency Advisor

The Storage Efficiency Advisor compares All Flash FAS Storage efficiency against similar systems in NetApp’s installed base (based on age, platform, ONTAP version, workload, etc.) and recommends improvements. The comparison is done at the system level and suggests ways of getting better efficiency out of your systems. You’ll also be able to share your success and experience with your peers.


OneCollect, which replaces nSanity, is NetApp’s new, easy-to-use data collection tool that consolidates several tools into one. OneCollect is an integral part of NetApp’s upgrade, migration, health check, and case troubleshooting tool collection.


OneCollect gathers information about storage, hosts, and fabrics in your environment and produces a detailed report. It also provides a detailed view of your data and performs an IMT compatibility check.


OneCollect offers some much-needed improvements over nSanity, including:

  • Command set updates, used for storage, host OS, and switches
  • Additional log collection from 7-Mode, ONTAP, Windows, Linux, and E-Series devices
  • Support collection from other storage controllers, including Isilon
  • Advanced viewer for storage, host, and FC switch data collection
  • Performs IMT checks and displays the results and recommendations
  • Allows users to import and view OneCollect output files collected on another system and upload them to AutoSupport DWH

OneCollect is designed to be the new data collection standard for all NetApp solutions, so additional features will be added over time, including:

  • SnapCenter data and log collection
  • Host performance data collection
  • Application (Oracle, Exchange, SQL) data collection
  • HCI, StorageGRID, AltaVault, and NSLM data collection
  • Support collection from other new storage, host OS, and switches

NetApp continues to lead the way in data insight, access, and control for hybrid cloud environments. These new advisors add further value to an already excellent platform. You can also expect more advisors to be added in the near future.

Dave Brown

Dave is a Technical Consultant for Simplify IT Solutions Ltd in Warwickshire, England. Dave is responsible for the implementation and design of storage, virtualization, HCI, and cloud technologies.

You could say Dave likes to live dangerously—he completed in Formula 1 racing back in 2008.

• Years of NetApp experience: 10
• Certifications: NetApp Certified Data Administrator (NCDA); NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer (NCIE); VMware Certified Professional 5.5 VCP, Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE): Server Virtualization; Citrix XenServer Administrator

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