Hey. Hey. It’s Your Birthday!


I couldn’t let this milestone pass without a little plug. A little over a year ago, we announced the general availability of NetApp HCI. And what a year it has been! Congratulations to NetApp® HCI on its birthday and looking forward to what’s to come.


Custom HCI cupcakes to celebrate the birthday of NetApp HCI.

…and there are more reasons to celebrate. New NetApp HCI Solutions!

Digital Transformation Requires IT Transformation

The need to digitally transform is creating immense pressure for data center teams who are increasingly expected to be leaders in this transformation.  Compounding this pressure are the expectations that today’s IT teams will mimic the best of public cloud services – simplicity, agility, robust service catalogs – within their on-premises tools.


IT consumers have considerable experience with public cloud services and fully expect a comparable swipe-and-go process of dialing up services on-demand within their own organization’s IT department.  Developers and business leaders expect their IT teams to automate the provisioning of resources for any workload at any location that is needed. IT teams are being forced to adapt to a changing world where public cloud simplicity is the norm or become obsolete.


NetApp is excited to announce three new validated and proven architectures that simplify the design, deployment and support of a broad set of scenarios and diverse applications allowing you to reduce the time and risk from the process of building a complete solution in your own data center.


1) Build a Private Cloud Foundation. VMware Validated Design for Private Cloud with NetApp HCI.  Developed in close partnership with VMware, this solution delivers a thoroughly tested platform upon which IT organizations can automate the provisioning of common repeatable requests and to respond to business needs with more agility and predictability. With this certification, NetApp has become a member of VMware’s Certified Partner Architecture program with the ability to deliver the full VMware Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) stack.

  • Enables a self-service catalog that allows users to consume resources with no intervention.
  • Delivers cost tracking and consumption tracking and analysis across business groups, applications and services.
  • Ensures fast and highly predictable recovery times to enable application availability and mobility across sites.

You can reference the VMware Validated Design here.


2) Enhance the End-User Experience. NetApp Verified Architecture for VMware End-User Computing with NetApp HCI and NVIDIA GPU’s. Meet end-user demands for a consistent and intuitive experience across devices while ensuring that the business computing environment is consistent, secure, easy to manage, and in continuous compliance.

  • Easily manage application delivery and user installed applications.
  • Delivers just-in-time desktops that provide end users with instant access to apps on a fully customized desktop.
  • Consolidate all applications on one cluster without compromising performance, even at scale.

You can reference the NetApp Verified Architecture here.


3) Build Your Data Fabric.  NetApp Technical Report for Object Storage with NetApp HCI. Support hybrid cloud workflows with an on-premise S3 compatible object storage on NetApp HCI to ensure simplicity of data access and retention.

  • Provide high performance access to “hot” data with primary tier object or block flash storage.
  • Optimize retention of cold and archived data on a secondary object tier.
  • Ensure adhere data governance and regulatory requirements while maintaining simplicity of data access.

You can reference the technical report here.

Reduce Complexity.  Reduce Costs.

Planning, designing and building a custom platform in your own datacenter can be a costly and complex project that may take months or years to get into operation. This time delays immediate business needs, puts your organization behind the competition, and is expensive to maintain and update. Reduce complexity and costs with solutions built on a platform built for hybrid clouds – NetApp HCI.

Cynthia Goodell

Cindy is the Sr. Product Marketing Manager for NetApp HCI. She spends her time at NetApp crafting messaging, positioning and developing go-to-market strategy for the NetApp HCI product. A born and bred Bostonian, Cindy has more than 15 years of experience launching and marketing new high tech products and relishes every opportunity to talk with people who are as fascinated with technology as she is.

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