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Experience 3D remote visualization with FlexPod @CiscoLive on the NetApp…


  The workflows, that different verticals like Oil&Gas, Manufacturing and Healthcare depend on, continue to evolve due to the rapid growth in dataset size and the need to integrate diverse data types. Feeding data to visualization workstations has become difficult and workflows increasingly span organizational boundaries and domains. There’s a strong desire in most organizations […]

Experience the IoT infrastructure built on Cisco and NetApp @CiscoLive…


  Industry 4.0 refers to the fourth industrial revolution – the first being manufacturing and mechanisation, the second mass production, and the third the digital revolution. The so-called fourth industrial revolution will be the computerisation of machinery and automation using robotics, as well as the intelligent measurement and analysis of data to improve efficiency, profitability […]

Oil and Gas company runs Splunk Analytics 5 time faster


Oil and Gas companies are seeking ways to improve business efficiency while facing a number of challenges including the volatile pricing of oil, evolving energy policies, competition from new sources of energy, and ongoing operational management costs and inefficiencies. Those companies wanting to improve their efficiency must apply new technologies and processes that will capture […]