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NetApp AI POD Architecture for an “AI Platform as a…

February 13, 2020

AI development and production – services from the public cloud, the private cloud or in hybrid mode?   More and more companies are launching AI initiatives to exploit previously undreamt-of innovation and optimization opportunities. The technology enables them to process huge data sets at high speed, analyze images, audio and text and thus improve processes […]

Your 4 Biggest Questions About FlexPod AI Answered

July 29, 2019

By now, you’ve already heard how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) can increase revenue and boost efficiency for your business. Analyzing patterns, detecting fraud, improving customer relationships, optimizing supply chains, automating processes—there’s almost no end to the ways AI and ML can empower you to make faster, more informed decisions.   The FlexPod® […]

Machine Vision and Understanding: Analyzing Video Streams with IDA Moira…

February 11, 2019

Among the many possible applications of artificial intelligence, an impressive use case stands out: the visual recognition and analysis of materials and products in video streams and images. This process is the starting point for countless application possibilities in a wide variety of industries. The underlying principle is that pure analytics gains knowledge, however, but […]

Automated FlexPod for SAP and SAP Applications: The Most Important…

November 23, 2018

Many companies think that the basis of digital transformation is in analytics platforms and applications. However, central business process systems such as SAP are just as important. It is essential to combine the worlds of real-time analytics and core systems in order to leverage the full potential of experience and expertise.   But that’s easier […]

FlexPod: Uncanny Secure Interactions Similar to an Asian Food Market…

November 6, 2018

I’ve just returned from my vacation in Asia with a wealth of impressions. The thing that fascinated me most was how thousands of customers, stall holders, and suppliers encounter each other at the food and fish markets. Unbelievable interaction in such a small space. Everyone talks and negotiates with everyone else. European standards and habits […]