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Is IT suffering from Stockholm Syndrome?


If you’ve been involved with infrastructure refreshes, especially with storage, you are probably intimately familiar with the corresponding pain and agony. This abuse is more a byproduct of how technology progresses and is architected versus directly abusive actions from vendors in the industry. Regardless, the sad result is as an industry, we’ve grown to accept […]

Overcoming the Achilles’ Heel of API-Driven Infrastructure


You already know the promise of running infrastructure as code. Having extensible infrastructure means programmatic control, robust integrations, and great agility. Organizations are adopting infrastructure in large part because of its extensibility and the general robustness of its API. We see this all of the time with SolidFire customers.   Today’s IT organizations develop tremendous […]

Resources for Your Data Center Transformation


The data center is undergoing another evolution. A new generation of technologies are designed to enable a world where the pace of business and innovation are greater than IT organizations have previously faced. Disruptors emerge daily and leverage the latest technologies to displace market leaders. This change means that every business must address technology as […]

SolidFire PowerShell Tools 1.2 Release


SolidFire continues its investment in PowerShell with our 1.2 release (available now)! This release follows our intent to provide regular updates to the already rich capabilities in previous versions. We also have a little Easter egg fun in store for you to celebrate this release. What’s new SolidFire PowerShell Tools version 1.2 contains the following […]



Businesses and IT organizations have seen an amazing transformation over the past decade as the pace of business has increased and as smaller competitors have gained the ability to step in and disrupt the status quo. A company’s ability to differentiate through new offerings and new technologies has become table stakes for continued growth and […]

SolidFire Developer Community


Humans as a whole are very social creatures. We look to one another for guidance, advice, and input on previous experiences. We see this in platforms like Twitter and Facebook as well as services like Yelp and TripAdvisor. Those in the technology industry are very familiar with working in digital communities. Social tools have come […]

Granular Storage Policies with SPBM and SolidFire


SolidFire customers and partners have direct access to various tools through our GitHub repositories. Recently I released a PowerShell module designed to help customers who are interested in leveraging Storage Policy Based Management (SPBM) to do so dynamically. The SolidFire-SPBM module includes functions that leverage SolidFire PowerShell Tools and PowerCLI to create tags and policies […]