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Beware of the False QoS

September 29, 2014

Salesforce.com CEO Marc Benioff once famously warned customers to “Beware of the False Cloud,” referring to Oracle’s attempts to rebrand hardware appliances and packaged software as “cloud.” It looks like Oracle is up to its old tricks again, this time repackaging and re-branding the legacy Pillar Axiom storage technology as the “FS1 Flash Storage System” with […]

The Advantages of a Shared Nothing Architecture for Truly Non-Disruptive…

September 17, 2014

In our Tech Field Day presentation on Modern All-Flash Architectures earlier this year I talked about the trade-offs between shared disk and shared-nothing architectures for data protection. Shared-nothing architectures, which don’t use a shared-disk shelf but instead protect data across multiple, independent nodes in a networked cluster, offer several advantages over controller-based architectures, including no […]

A New Element for the Next Generation Data Center

March 13, 2014

Today SolidFire is announcing Element OS 6 (Carbon), our next major system update that further increases SolidFire’s lead as the most feature complete all-flash array on the market today. Only SolidFire combines the 5 key elements needed for true storage agility in Next Generation enterprise and service provider data centers: scale-out architecture, guaranteed application performance, automated management, extreme […]

Heading into 2014: Prepared for Liftoff

December 31, 2013

After announcing general availability of SolidFire’s all flash storage systems in November of 2012, this past year has been about validating the product in market, establishing strong early customer momentum, scaling our operations, support, partnerships and routes to market, and continuing to innovate with new products and features. Before we close the books on this year and […]

Welcome to the Flash Party EMC

November 12, 2013

  EMC is launching their first new array architecture in over a decade this week with the XtremIO all-flash array. Prior to launch, following a long industry tradition, EMC is equipping their sales teams with “kill sheets” against other flash vendors. Typically these documents live in the murky world between “creative” positioning, FUD and outright […]

More Fuel for the Fire

July 25, 2013

July here in the states is known for fireworks, and at SolidFire we have just set off a whole bunch of them. We lit the fuse a few weeks ago with the announcement that Colt, one of the largest service providers in Europe, has standardized on SolidFire for multi-tenant primary storage across multiple tiers of performance […]

Colt sets the bar and delivers shared storage service with…

July 16, 2013

Colt Technology Services recently announced their decision to deliver a broad set of shared storage services fueled by SolidFire’s all-SSD storage technology.  Standardizing on SolidFire was not a decision taken lightly. The team at Colt reviewed over 20 different storage vendors, several of which had multi-year and multi-million dollar relationships with the company.   Colt embarked […]

Into the ViPR’s Nest

May 7, 2013

Yesterday EMC sent out a Very Impressive Press Release about their ViPR “software defined storage” project. After navigating through the buzzword bingo, the proposed benefit appears to be a form of storage virtualization where a software-based control plane sits in front of heterogeneous storage, simplifying basic management and provisioning. Unlike previous storage virtualization approaches, the ViPR controller […]

Manage Performance and Capacity Separately

March 27, 2013

Requirement #6 for guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS): performance virtualization Delivering Guaranteed Quality of Service in a cloud environment is key to unlocking the true potential of cloud to host business critical applications. However, doing so requires an architecture designed for quality of service, not simply bolt-on features. The final architectural requirement for guaranteeing QoS is the ability for the […]

Take Total Control

March 21, 2013

Requirement #5 for guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS): fine-grain QoS control As you know from reading our Quality of Service (QoS) Benchmark blog series, guaranteeing QoS takes more than simply having a QoS feature. Without an architecture built from a design that includes all-SSD, scale-out architecture, RAID-less data protection, and balanced data distribution, any discussion of QoS is really just lip service. […]