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Get Back in Balance

March 19, 2013

Requirement #4 for guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS): balanced load distribution Guaranteeing performance to thousands of applications at the same time is a daunting challenge, but it’s essential for anyone wanting to host performance-sensitive applications in a cloud environment. However, delivering true Quality of Service (QoS) requires an architecture specifically designed for the task. As we’ve shown, […]

Say Farewell to RAID Storage

March 14, 2013

Requirement #3 for guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS): RAID-less data protection Ensuring Quality of Service (QoS) is an essential part of hosting business-critical applications in a cloud. But QoS just isn’t possible on legacy storage architectures. As we’ve been discussing in this QoS Benchmark blog series, guaranteeing true QoS requires an architecture built for it from the beginning, […]

Scale Out, Not Up

March 12, 2013

Requirement #2 for guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS): a true scale-out architecture Welcome to the third blog in the SolidFire Benchmark QoS series, where we’ve been explaining how guaranteeing Quality of Service (QoS) isn’t a feature that can be bolted on to a storage system. It requires an architecture built for it from the ground up, starting with an […]

Step Away From The Spinning Media

March 6, 2013

Requirement #1 for guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS): An All-SSD Architecture Anyone deploying either a large public or private cloud infrastructure is faced with the same issue: how to deal with inconsistent and unpredictable application performance. As we discussed earlier, overcoming this problem requires an architecture built from the ground up to guarantee Quality of Service (QoS) for many […]

Quality of Service is Not a Feature… It’s an Architecture

February 26, 2013

SolidFire’s unique ability to guarantee performance to thousands of applications at once has garnered praise from analysts and customers alike. Given the compelling advantages for performance isolation and guaranteed QoS, it’s no wonder that other storage vendors are adding QoS features to their products. We recently discussed some of the simplistic approaches to QoS offered by other storage systems, […]

Laying The Groundwork

December 17, 2012

Over the past year SolidFire has been putting the pieces in place to build not only the next great storage company, but the first storage company focused on performance storage for large-scale cloud infrastructure. Our rallying point to achieve this objective is a laser focus on helping our customers ‘Advance the way the world uses […]

Setting the Record Straight on Software-Defined Storage

November 21, 2012

Thanks to VMware’s recent $1.26 billion purchase of Software-Defined-Networking (SDN) leader Nicira, and their new marketing push on the Software-Defined-Data-Center, everyone is running around trying to attach themselves to Software-Defined-Anything (SDx). This is as true for the storage market as it is any other segment of the technology ecosystem. It is a safe bet that there are […]


November 13, 2012

“Public cloud services are simultaneously cannibalizing and stimulating demand for external IT services spending, according to Gartner, Inc. Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) adoption – the most basic and fundamental form of cloud computing service – has expanded beyond development and test use cases.”   – Gartner Group, Press Release, 11/01/12   Just last week I […]

VM Density: The Key to Unlocking Higher Profits in the…

November 8, 2012

In our last two blog posts we have talked about the importance of a high performance storage architecture and fine grain quality of service controls in a multi-tenant cloud infrastructure. While mildly interesting individually, it is the unique combination of performance and control within a single platform that is powerful. How does this functionality translate into real value business […]

IOPS Alone Can’t Slay the Noisy Neighbor

November 1, 2012

In the most recent post from our high-performance (r)evolution mini-series I reviewed what we consider to be the real measures of storage performance, and the importance of looking beyond IOPS-based vanity metrics when evaluating a high-performance storage architecture.  I want to build on this conversation by discussing an all too familiar “friend” to anyone attempting to run performance sensitive […]

Performance And Profits Should Not Be Mutually Exclusive

October 25, 2012

In my last post I discussed the need for new innovations to bridge the gap between today’s cloud service offerings and the infrastructure required to bring all applications into the cloud. Most enterprises lack the confidence that a multi-tenant cloud can provide the predictable, consistent storage performance, and the high availability their production applications demand. Meanwhile, service providers who […]