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Four Factors Motivating Interest in File Storage in the Cloud


There’s a trend emerging among organizations interested in cloud: migrating file-based services. As the types of services and applications users want to run in the cloud expand, the conversation around file-based services is changing the way users think about migration. Previously, cloud storage discussions centered on object storage, such as Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) […]

Automate Data Protection Using OnCommand Workflow Automation


IT modernization and cloud are driving new requirements for data protection. We are already seeing backup solutions leveraging public cloud, and disaster recovery solutions will quickly follow suit. The NetApp OnCommand Workflow Automation engineering team recently published a new pack on the Storage Automation Store, which helps NetApp customers automate the failover switchback process when […]

Take Command of Your Data Center with OnCommand Workflow Automation


As a storage administrator or an infrastructure architect, have you looked at automation to help alleviate increasing demands? Maybe you’ve considered automation, but felt you don’t have the expertise to take it on successfully. NetApp introduced OnCommand Workflow Automation (WFA) a few years ago so that admins can better manage growth by automating and standardizing […]