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Deliver differentiated customer experiences: Optimize data management with NetApp

June 2, 2021

Business outcomes are the single most important result that you as a service provider must deliver for your customers. Business outcomes result when data is everything that it can be—and nothing that it doesn’t need to be. Service providers who can’t keep up with rising demands will find that their customers look elsewhere. Harsh maybe, […]

There’s gold in them thar hills.

January 22, 2021

Data is the new gold; partnership is the new boot strap According to some people, in 1849 from the steps of the Lumpkin County Courthouse, a Dahlonega, Georgia Mint assayer, Dr. M. F. Stephenson, yelled to the townspeople “There’s gold in them thar hills!” He wanted to keep those people looking for gold in Georgia rather than leaving for […]

The IT Paradox – It’s Not Child’s Play

October 3, 2019

There may be more than one IT paradox, but the one I most frequently hear about is this: IT must maximize ROI on infrastructure spend and satisfy users (with increased productivity, response time, security, etc.).   Most of the IT professionals with whom I speak experience a fine balancing act between these two items, which […]

Customer Focused Go-To-Market Strategies for Growing Your Service Provider Business

September 28, 2017

Are you inside out? No, I am not talking about your laundry—I am talking about your go-to-market approach. Are you putting your customer at the center of your business, or are you putting your processes, governance, systems, organizational structure, policies and sales process at the center? I talk to approximately 100 service providers per year […]

Enough Goz-in-tas and Goz-out-as!

October 24, 2016

OK, this is my technical speak. Goz-in-tas and goz-out-as: It’s about what data “goes in to” and “goes out of.” Or, put another way, we’re talking about speeds and feeds or service features. And all of that is done, over, gonzo, finito, no more, so 2000 yesterday. Today is about the outcome economy. The what […]