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Quick Continuity Conversations: Infrastructure Insight

Customer sessions at INSIGHT

October 22, 2020

As a NetApp customer of nearly six glorious years, I’ve had the opportunity to attend NetApp® INSIGHT® five times and counting. Each event has been a unique experience, and this year with the event going virtual it will certainly be different. However, the agenda suggests that the number of great sessions is one thing that […]

NetApp INSIGHT 2019 in Las Vegas

November 27, 2019

An A-Team Member’s Perspective   This year’s NetApp INSIGHT™ conference was one for the books! As always, it was chock full of great content. For me, the highlight of the conference was the chance to learn about some of the partnerships NetApp has with other vendors and how they could better help me to achieve […]

Shaping the Future of Data with NetApp

February 26, 2018

I am pleased to announce that I have been invited to join the NetApp A-Team; a group of NetApp advocates who, like myself, are passionate about all things NetApp. It is a huge honour and a privilege to join this amazing group of people! I am really looking forward to playing my part in shaping […]