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The NetApp A-Team Turns 5!


It’s hard to believe it’s been five years since the NetApp A-Team was founded. We’ve come a long way from that very first reception at NetApp Insight 2013 in Las Vegas. Where has the time gone? We’ve grown from a small group of about 7 NetApp advocates to a team of 32 members from all […]

NetApp Is Kicking Some Flash!


by NetApp A-Team Technical Advisor Justin Parisi, NFS Technical Marketing Engineer at NetApp   Picture this… You’re a storage administrator, and your boss has just told you to go out and find a suitable flash array for your production workloads. The problem is, everything you’ve heard about flash is that there isn’t a flash array that […]

Flash, Aahhh, The Possibilities…NetApp Makes Fantasy a Reality with the…


by NetApp A-Team Member Dave Brown, Senior IT Consultant at EACS Limited All-flash storage changes the way companies do business by dramatically speeding application performance and improving server efficiency. Unfortunately, the exisitng all-flash options lack core enterprise capabilities such as application integration, built-in data protection, and integration with the cloud. Not to mention there isn’t a […]

Installing MetroCluster: Clearing Up Confusion About SAS Optical Transceivers


by NetApp A-Team Member Ryan Beaty, Infrastructure Practice Manager, Zumasys   ATTO Fibre Channel bridges vs. SAS optical transceivers   During a recent MetroCluster upgrade, I discovered that I needed ATTO Fibre Channel bridges. The 6500N ATTO Fibre Channel SAS bridges work great, but they’re pretty expensive. Being the ethical sales engineer that I am, I […]