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NetApp SaaS Backup for Salesforce Private Preview Now Available

June 20, 2018

We’re excited to announce a private preview of NetApp® SaaS Backup for Salesforce. Expanding on the success of NetApp SaaS Backup for Office 365, our cloud-native service for Microsoft Office 365 data protection, we are adding data protection for Salesforce, the most widely used SaaS-based customer relationship management solution. With the addition of the Salesforce […]

How to Choose a Reliable Salesforce Backup Solution

June 11, 2018

How to overcome the challenges associated with the data protection solution provided by Salesforce and effectively backup your data with a reliable solution?   As concluded in the second part of this blog series, a third-party data protection solution is a requirement for all customers. To meet customers’ data protection requirements and SLAs, the solution should have […]

Data Protection Features Offered by Salesforce

June 11, 2018

What data protection features Salesforce provides its customers, and whether they are enough to meet customers’ needs?   Salesforce ensures its service and data availability by maintaining multiple copies of customer data at different geolocations. However, they do acknowledge some gaps in their data protection strategy and strongly recommend that their customers take backups of […]

Why You Must Backup your Salesforce Data!

June 11, 2018

According to Forbes, customer relationship management  (CRM) is one of the most important aspects of any business, and therefore CRM data can be considered the organization’s life blood. is the most popular CRM software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider, with SaaS offerings like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud by Salesforce. Given the criticality of the data, […]

“To Err Is Human” So Back Up Your Data with…

March 6, 2018

Microsoft applications have been a trusted platform and business enabler for many years. Applications like Exchange and SharePoint have been the messaging and collaboration choice for most organizations in their data centers.   With the advent of the cloud era and the resulting change in economics, organizations began to move their on-premises application data into […]

Antivirus Protection for NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP

November 30, 2016

The off-box antivirus feature provides virus-scanning support for the NetApp® clustered Data ONTAP® operating system. In this architecture, virus scanning is performed by external servers that host antivirus software from third-party vendors. The feature offers antivirus functionality that is similar to the functionality available in Data ONTAP operating in 7-Mode.   Prior to ONTAP 9.0 only On-access scanning was […]