Delivering consistency while remaining dynamic — is it possible? Development and operations teams are tasked with this responsibility every day. Teams need to remain agile and open to new technologies, integrations, and tools, without compromising the quality and timeliness required to support dynamic business needs.


Traditionally, configuration management represented a daunting and time-consuming set of processes. These processes required a series of IT tickets, often resulting in inconsistencies and slow deployments throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC) which, in turn, made delivering consistent yet dynamic environments difficult for everyone involved. Today, tools like Ansible, Puppet, and Chef represent a new opportunity: automation of resources from infrastructure to applications that align with your continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) practices.


By aligning with CI/CD tools and automating both applications and infrastructure, environmental discrepancies that can kill productivity are minimized. NetApp integrates with Ansible, Puppet, and Chef to automate tasks and prevent errors earlier in the software development lifecycle.


With configuration management tools, changes become more transparent and reviewable, and are easier to roll back throughout the SDLC, creating an environment for a successful, collaborative DevOps culture. Automation practices enable developers to take ownership of the resources needed to configure and to begin code builds no matter the workload, while maintaining visibility for operations teams to see the big picture and understand resources consumption to anticipate future needs.


The number of tools available to support DevOps best practices and the SDLC can be overwhelming. To get you started, we’ve developed a series of web pages to break down resources available for integration into NetApp® solutions that simplify and automate your processes every step of the way. To learn about the results that NetApp customers are seeing by integrating with configuration management tools, or to request a demo of our integrations with Ansible, Puppet, and Chef, check out our Configuration and Resource Management page.

Aubrey Muhlach

Aubrey is a product marketing manager for NetApp where she creates lively content and success stories for customers looking to achieve the next generation data center. Outside of work, Aubrey spends her time enjoying the Colorado sunshine and planning her next travel adventures.

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