I believe there is no doubt now on how Digital Transformation is changing everything around us including our day to day tasks. The importance of data in changing the world is well perceived in the field and everyone is in total agreement that it is the most valuable asset in today’s world. In the past two to three years we all have done a very good job in evangelizing the importance of data and how organizations can utilize data driven insights to better change their business.


To keep the momentum, every one of us has a responsibility to help organizations accelerate and move forward in their data driven business strategies. Apart from the green field opportunities, this is more important for the currently existing NetApp users who have just decided to ride the digital transformation wave.  As a first step and to put this into action, a team of big data experts at NetApp have conducted a research to study the adoption rate of big data analytics technologies at NetApp Install Base. Since big data analytics technologies; especially speaking, Hadoop, NoSQL Databases and Splunk are in the heart of today’s data driven world, this study would help NetApp identify customers who have already taken the data driven business path and help them accelerate and follow the best practices.


The results from the study were unsurprisingly impressive. We can proudly say that till the date of writing this blog there are 550+ NetApp customers worldwide relying on 2000+ NetApp data management platforms for their Splunk based data insights. On the other hand, NetApp based Hadoop installations witnessed 12% YoY incline in Q3 FY18. Whereas NoSQL Database installations on NetApp data platforms have recorded a higher adoption rate at 26% YoY for the same period.


So, what shall we learn from these results? Firstly, we should all agree that this is a real proof of the undergoing digital transformation and its fast pace. Secondly, the results show the increased adoption of external data management platforms for big data analytics applications. This is especially true for NoSQL and Splunk environments wherein the value of enterprise class data management features is becoming a key enabler for the overall solution.


To back up the story, IDC provided a summary of the benefits of using NetApp for your big data applications over that of the DAS based installations:

In conclusion, NetApp has always been keen to be close to customers and their applications to better understand workload requirements and help organization fully utilize NetApp technology features and accelerate those workloads specially the ones that involve real-time analytics and require very low latency and high throughput infrastructures. If you are a current NetApp customer running big data analytics applications or interested in NetApp solutions in this space, please contact to the responsible sales rep and ask how NetApp can help you achieve your data driven business requirements in an efficient and cost effective way while at the same time utilizing the hybrid cloud model.

Hoseb Dermanilian

Hoseb joined NetApp in 2014. In his current role, he manages and develops AI and Digital Transformation business globally. Hoseb's focus is to propose and discuss NetApp's value add in the AI and Digital Transformation space as well as helping customers build the right platform for their data driven business strategies. As part of the business development, Hoseb is also focused on developing NetApp AI channel business by recruiting and enabling the right AI ecosystem partners and enabling Go-To-Market strategies with those partners. Hoseb is coming from a technical background. In his previous role, He was the Consulting System Engineer for NetApp’s video surveillance and big data analytics solutions.

Hoseb holds a Masters degree with distinction in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the American University of Beirut and he has multiple globally recognized conference and journal publications in the field of IP Security and Cryptography.

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