By Saeed Tavana, Sr. Manager, Converged Infrastructure Multivendor Cooperative Support Services, NetApp


In addition to speeds & feeds, technical support is also significant to the success of any technology, and FlexPod is no different.

But first, what’s a FlexPod anyway?

FlexPod is an industry leading converged Data Center solution composed of best of breed components developed and validated by Cisco and NetApp to make your life easier.  We work together to integrate the compute, networking, storage and Hypervisor aspects of FlexPod and publish Cisco Validated Designs (CVD) and NetApp Validated Architectures (NVA).

So now you might be wondering what support offers are available or how multivendor support works? Well, as a FlexPod customer, you have the flexibility to choose from a variety of support services to meet your technology and business requirements as depicted below:


FlexPod Support Services

Let’s dig into details of each support offer!

FlexPod Cooperative Support
This service takes advantage of the combined experience, resources, and technical support expertise of NetApp, Cisco and ISVs (VMware, Microsoft, Red Hat, Citrix) to provide a streamlined multivendor support process to resolve issue, regardless of where the problem resides. Cooperative Support is included with the purchase of your FlexPod premium product support contracts.

How it works:

  1. A customer contacts the vendor whose component is suspected of causing the issue. For instance, contact NetApp for storage, Cisco for networking and VMware for hypervisor issues.
  2. The first vendor (let’s assume NetApp) contacted will resolve the issue in majority of cases.
  3. However, if the issue requires joint troubleshooting (let’s assume with Cisco) the NetApp support engineer will assist the customer to contact Cisco TAC, open a case and collaborate with Cisco TAC engineer to resolve the issue. The same process is repeated as needed to bring in other vendors and work cooperatively to resolve the issue.
  4. All vendors’ cases remain open with each vendor until the customer agrees that issue is resolved.

FlexPod Cooperative Support



FlexPod Solution Support
This service is similar to the 1-800 type support experiences most customers are used to and offers Cisco FlexPod experts who are accountable for centralized issue management and resolution among Cisco and technology partner products within your FlexPod solution.

How It Works
Customer always opens a case with Cisco for any FlexPod issues. Cisco will connect you with a FlexPod TAC engineers. The Cisco TAC Engineer will engage and manage other vendors to resolve your issue.


FlexPod Solution Support

Authorized Partner Support for FlexPod
Cisco and NetApp authorize a network of global partners to provide support for your FlexPod architecture. Each partner offers a unique value proposition. To find a partner near you, contact Cisco or NetApp.

Regardless of your support selection, your critical FlexPod infrastructure is supported. FlexPod support covers Hardware, Software, hypervisor, VDI and System Management applications.


Authorized Partner Support for FlexPod

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