The members of the A-Team share a common perspective: they all believe in NetApp’s future, and they want to be a part of it. Where they differ a little is on why they became such outspoken supporters, so we asked them to share their individual stories. A snippet from each follows below, but if you’d like to hear more, reach out to them on Twitter and you’ll be sure to get an earful. Here’s to the next 25 years!


I want to work with a company that’s inventive, smart, enthusiastic, and absolutely committed to delivering the very best for its customers and partners. NetApp ticked all of those boxes, still does.
Paul Stringfellow, Technical Director, Gardner Systems


Over the years, I’ve watched NetApp grow: first as an employee, then as a customer, and now as a partner. NetApp always provides great products, and it keeps getting better! How ‘bout that Data Fabric?

Tim McCarthy, Data Center Architect, Presidio Networked Solutions


NetApp, you had me at NFS. I’ve been a fan since day one, and every year something new and innovative enabled my customers to be that much more agile and responsive to market conditions. I’m a NetApp employee now, and I couldn’t be in a better place.

Steven Cortez, Technical Marketing Engineer, Virtualization, NetApp


NetApp has been incredibly valuable in helping me solve problems and drive success for our joint customers. Now at 25, I have never seen NetApp more focused, so crystal clear in its vision, with unmatched innovation potential. I can’t wait to see where this ride goes next…it’s gonna be epic!
John Woodall, VP Engineering, Integrated Archive Systems


NetApp technology is really the “silver bullet.” The maturity of the products, the excellent support, and the integration with applications is the best in the business. NetApp continues to innovate and surprise me. It never bashes the competition, and frankly, it doesn’t need to. NetApp kit stands on its own.
Dave Brown, Technical Consultant, SimplifyIT


NetApp is the partner you can always count on. NetApp has never left me high and dry, never said, “Don’t know, can’t help you.” NetApp puts its customers and partners first. Why NetApp? The better question is, “Why not?” I was a NetApp partner for years, now I’m an employee. That pretty much says it all.
Dan Barber, Solution Architect, Data Center, CSE, NetApp


As a customer, I have found NetApp to be reliable and enthusiastic with a fantastic “can do attitude.” I look forward to the next stitch in the Data Fabric.
Jon Woan, IT Operations Manager, Vital Energi


As a partner, NetApp has always been on my side and continues to do so to this day. Its innovation, its support, and its team are second to none.
Pete Ybarra, NetApp Field Technical Consultant, Avnet US


NetApp is proof that strong leadership and company culture over the years are the key elements to success. NetApp has shown the entire technology industry that it’s never a good idea to provoke the “800-pound gorilla in the room” just for the hell of it.
Trey Davis, Independent Consultant


NetApp recognized early on that data should be the focus, rather than the storage hardware. The architecture of NetApp’s solutions demonstrates this approach. NetApp helps me solve real-world problems for my customers.
Glenn Dekhayser, Practice Lead, Office of the CTO, Red8


NetApp enables me to deliver solutions that help my customers solve business issues, while giving me the confidence, trust, and security that every solution I position is solid and dependable. I have never been more proud and confident to be presenting NetApp technologies, and I know it will be the same for years to come.
Mark Carlton, Group Technical Services Manager, Concorde IT Group


NetApp’s culture is full of amazing talent and ideas. NetApp continues to push the envelope with Data Fabric while maintaining that sense of teamwork that has helped this company reach its 25th.
Jeremy Goodrum, Chief Architect, Exosphere Data


I love selling NetApp. I feel comfortable in my shoes knowing that its products will solve my customers’ problems every time.
Mick Kehoe, Chief Technologist, Logicalis


NetApp helps me build innovative solutions, one customer at a time.
Atanas Prezhdarov, VDC Platform Architect, Interoute


NetApp is an amazing place with both innovative hardware and people who really go out of their way to help you.
Jesse Anderson, Solutions Architect, Amazon


I started working with NetApp nearly 10 years ago, and I can say with confidence that it’s still as exciting to work with them today as it was back then. Its partner community is unmatched in the industry.
Ruairi McBride, NetApp Technical Account Manager, Arrow ECS UK


NetApp became my technology partner of choice for storage, and the NetApp people I dealt with became an extension of our team at Insight. I’m very fortunate now that I work for NetApp and can experience that culture every day – those early teammates have become close friends. Roll on with the next 25 years!
Mike Andrews, Systems Engineer, NetApp


Ever since I first started working with NetApp back in 2003 I’ve been intrigued with their technology. There’s something about their solutions that has always drawn me in, made me want to dig deeper so I have a better understanding of the bigger picture. This insight I’ve gained directly benefits my customers by improving my ability to serve them.
Chris Maki, Solution Architect, Scalar Decisions


NetApp is the only “storage” vendor selling integrated data management solutions. They were the first with snapshots, first with unified storage, first with dedupe everywhere. NetApp has a superb portfolio with solutions for almost every challenge a customer is confronted with.
Paul Hilgers, Presales Product Specialist, PQR B.V.


I’ve always been a technology junkie, and I’m constantly on the lookout for amazing innovation. With NetApp, I found a product that always has the answer to the question “Well, does it do that?” I was always (and still am) shocked to get this answer every time: “Actually, it does.”
Adam Bergh, Data Center Practice Lead, Presidio Networked Solutions


I’ve had several doors open because of my NetApp experience, and I look forward to expanding that knowledge. Having the opportunity to meet some very talented people on my NetApp journey drives me to deepen my understanding of the NetApp toolset in an ever-changing IT landscape.
Sid Sonnier, Sr. Systems Engineer, FuelQuest


Products will come and products will go, the ones that can adapt will survive. With NetApp’s comprehensive portfolio, which will always adapt, I know that I can solve any customer challenge now and in the future.
Sebastian Grandjean (Perrenod Comtesse), Systems Engineer, NetApp


It is great to see that NetApp is steering the ship in the right direction for the future, moving into a new position of understanding the importance of not just storing but managing, moving, and maintaining your biggest asset—your data.
Jason Benedicic, Principal Consultant, ANS Group


Since my earliest experience with FAS, I’ve been completely in love with NetApp’s approach to data management and their innovative capabilities. I still feel this way today.

Taylor Riggan, Chief Architect, iVision


With a focused but diverse portfolio, there is no company that can’t benefit from NetApp offerings. We have a great partner in NetApp.
Scott Gelb, Consulting Engineer, EVT


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