The growth of data across various industries-healthcare, finance, entertainment, and more-has had a huge impact both for big corporations and individuals. Today, data plays an important role in facilitating countless tasks and routines in our everyday lives.


We recently launched a series of storytelling videos that highlight the fascinating ways data is improving people’s lives. From amazing feats that wouldn’t have been possible a few short years ago to the most mundane of tasks, data has become a common thread woven through almost every life event you can think of.


The entertainment industry is no exception.



In the past 25 years, the proliferation of data and technology has shaped how movies are produced, how we see special effects on screen, as well as how, when, and where we consume content. The biggest shift in the industry has occurred in the last five years with the growing adoption of 4K cameras, smart devices, and streaming services. As a result, studios and production houses have had to rethink their approach to data infrastructure to better manage increasingly large data files without missing critical deadlines.


Managing data during production and post-production is only one part of the data challenge the industry is facing. As multi-device viewing and streaming services become the norm for consuming entertainment, studios need to be able to distribute multiple versions of a film simultaneously and securely across multiple platforms. This means that a studio’s IT infrastructure needs to securely store its latest films while globally distributing these films and their entire digitized and remastered back catalogues, all in a variety of formats.


Ultimately, storage and data management are helping to change how and where we experience movies. Whether you’re watching the latest blockbuster from your couch or at your local IMAX theater, or catching the latest episode of your favorite show on your phone during your daily commute, data management is an integral part of making this a reality.


Learn more about how NetApp customers Global Eagle Entertainment and Rainmaker are leveraging NetApp technology to achieve business results that include accelerating production and increased uptime.


This NAB 2016 customer feature is part of a series that highlights our customers’ successes in the entertainment industry. To learn more about what NetApp is doing at NAB 2016, visit our NAB 2016 event guide.

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