The growth of data across healthcare, finance, entertainment, and other industries  has had a huge impact-and not just for big corporations, but for people too. Data plays a key role in countless tasks and routines in our everyday lives. Some of these are amazing feats that seemed impossible even a few short years ago. Others may seem mundane-such as checking our bank account, making a hotel reservation, or catching a ride while on the go-but they’re pretty remarkable nonetheless.


Today NetApp is launching the “A Close-Up on Data in Everyday Life” series, a new series of storytelling videos that highlight the fascinating ways data is improving our lives. To kick off the series, and in celebration of HIMSS 2016 this week, we are taking a look at how data is making a difference in our healthcare.



Technology has dramatically changed how patients are seen, diagnosed, and treated. A big reason for this is the rise of Electronic Health Records (EHR). With EHRs, caregivers can communicate and access patient data anywhere and anytime. Coupled with the latest in mobile, cloud, and information management systems, EHRs drastically improve healthcare providers’ jobs, giving them the ability to see and treat patients with life-saving data at their fingertips.


Patients benefit, too. When they enter their doctor’s office or are admitted to a healthcare facility, the doctor has their medical records readily available. As a result, patients can get a diagnosis more quickly and more accurately, ultimately leading to better outcomes.


For example, DuPage Medical Group (DMG)-one of the largest independent, multi-specialty physician groups in Illinois-continually looks for new ways to enhance delivery of great healthcare. A critical part of this quest is providing staff with reliable, round-the-clock access to healthcare and patient information to speed up diagnosis and treatment.


To manage the growing amount of data, improve system performance, and continue to operate without downtime, DMG upgraded to NetApp clustered Data ONTAP®. The upgrade allowed DMG to deliver 24/7 availability for clinical and office applications to 3,300 healthcare professionals across 60 sites, as well as reduce log-in time by two-thirds, from 60 seconds to 20 seconds. This was critical to improving outcomes for patients who required immediate care.


Whether you know it or not, from the moment you enter your doctor’s office or healthcare facility, data is having a significant impact on your wellbeing. At the end of the day, data has made today’s healthcare professionals faster, more accurate, and able to better serve their patients-because we have the technology.

NetApp Staff