Day Without Data.jpg


There is virtually nothing humankind does that does not somehow create data. It’s ingrained in the way we do business and interact with our family and friends.


Considering how tightly data is integrated in our lives today, how did we ever get by without it? What would happen if we did not have access to the data we take for granted?


That got us thinking. What would change in our lives if we went without data for a single day?


The infographic below captures the impact of a day without data across key aspects of our lives. Imagine what this would mean for healthcare. For connecting with colleagues and friends. For shopping online.


Going forward, our reliance on data will be even stronger as the Internet of Things connects even more elements of our daily lives. Find out how NetApp is helping those who care for our data integrate, move, secure and consistently manage it in this new data-centric era.


NetApp Staff