Today, NetApp® released version 4.3 of AltaVault™ cloud-integrated storage. This new version includes two new product integrations, both of which are designed to provide customers more choice in how they back up their data to the cloud.


Introducing AltaVault integration with Amazon Snowball

At Netapp Insight 2016, Amazon Web Services VP, Bill Vass, and NetApp Founder, Dave Hitz discussed the NetApp – Amazon partnership. Today we are building on that partnership by announcing the integration of NetApp AltaVault cloud-integrated storage with Amazon (AWS) Snowball.


AWS Snowball is a physical appliance which provides large scale data transfer to Amazon object storage. Starting with version 4.3, AltaVault can send initial seed backups to this device instead of the Amazon cloud. Once the backup data is loaded to the Snowball, it is shipped back to Amazon, who then uploads the data directly to Amazon s3. This solution eliminates the latency of the internet for very large workloads.


For a deeper look at the integration of AltaVault and AWS Snowball view the demo below.


The Data Fabric Solution for Cloud Backup is actually here!

In November, Jason Blosil wrote a blog post announcing The Data Fabric Solution for Cloud Backup. As of today, the AltaVault functionality required for that solution is now available. For more information read the solution brief.

Marie Burke

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