Digital technology is affecting, and will increasingly disrupt, nearly every industry on the planet. This means that to remain competitive with digital startups, most incumbent businesses must undergo a digital transformation. Such a transformation requires the ability to deal with the increasing volume, velocity, and variety of data that is generated by an increasing number of sources.


Or, to paraphrase a famous Sun Tzu saying from the Art of War, “If you cannot gain insights from your big data, you will succumb to digital disruption.” In this short video Digital Transformation and Data Management, I discuss how the need for digital transformation creates an urgent problem that companies must begin to solve now or else be left behind. To illustrate what success looks like, here are three different scenarios in which NetApp is helping its customers deal with the volume, velocity, and variety of their data.


Physicists at CERN are studying the fundamental constituents of matter and the forces acting between them. Really important research. The Large Hadron Collider experiments at CERN generate huge amounts of data-hundreds upon hundreds of terabytes. CERN needed to make sure that this unprecedented volume of data could be reliably acquired and stored securely. One of the teams running experiments at CERN called on NetApp and Intel to design and install a storage solution that could keep pace with its demands. You can read more about our collaboration with CERN here.


UCB is a Brussels-based pharmaceutical company that develops medicines that treat diseases from epilepsy to Parkinson’s. UCB has to collect and analyze data generated by clinical studies to develop new life-saving medicines. The velocity of the company’s data is increasing-it is doubling every 18 months-yet the company needs to achieve results faster than ever before. UCB turned to NetApp to develop a fast and flexible all-flash storage solution. This case study shows how USB accelerated the performance of its SAS statistical analyses by up to 20 times despite the company’s rapid data growth.


Saipem is a global leader in drilling services, operating in 60 countries and with over 40,000 employees. Saipem gathers around 5 petabytes of data each day from remote sites, vessels, servers, satellite links, VOIP, and videoconferencing endpoints. The company uses Splunk to analyze this incredible variety of machine data to improve IT security and operations. NetApp helps Saipem run Splunk faster, which has enabled the company to gain the upper hand in its battle with big data. To learn more about Saipem’s use of Splunk to improve IT operations and security, check out this blog.


The time to create a digital transformation plan for your own organization is now. Those who are able to master their big data challenges are likely to emerge victorious, while those who do not are likely to succumb to digital disruption.


Jean-François Marie

Jean-François Marie is Director, Chief Technologist EMEA. He is a storage IT veteran with more than 25 years in various roles from pre-sales engineer, to storage expert and manager, marketing director product and solutions, press and analyst go-to-person, and now Chief Technologist EMEA.

He started his data management career at Sun Microsystems, continued it at EMC, and then joined NetApp more than twelve years ago.

Jean-François has always been fascinated by innovation in technology, products, and solutions. He is a life ‘gourmet’ and appreciates all the simple things that could make happiness a reality.

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