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Unless something goes really wrong, IT rarely makes headlines. Unfortunately, the threats to modern IT have recently and dramatically been brought into the spotlight by the WannaCry, Petya, and NotPetya ransomware, which affected over 275,000 computers worldwide. Targets included the UK’s National Health Service. The effect on the NHS was catastrophic, with hospitals unable to take X-rays, check prescriptions, or access patients’ medical records. It was also one of the clearest examples of the impact that ransomware can have on a business. Things went wrong here indeed.


However, ransomware is just one of many threats. Year after year, new surveys find that human error remains a leading cause of data loss. Something as simple as a synchronisation error or as malicious as a rogue administrator could threaten the safety of your data.


No Data, No Business

Data is the life blood of modern business, and any form of unwanted data loss is a significant threat to business success. At NetApp, we talk a lot about the expectation economy. We live in a world where customers have increasingly high expectations of businesses and can be deterred by delays of mere seconds in accessing services or information, in favour of a competitor. Now imagine the impact on a customer if you have to reveal that you have lost their vital information. This is a conversation that nobody wants to have, either with their boss or with the customer.


According to the University of Texas, 94% of companies that suffer a catastrophic data loss don’t survive. Although data loss to some may seem like a first-world problem rather than a true catastrophe, in a business context the impact can be profound. Leave aside for one moment the loss of revenue caused by downtime, lost transactions, and unrecorded time. Think about the sheer embarrassment, the damage to your reputation, and the loss of trust, which can take years to rebuild.


This is certainly one of the issues that keep CIOs awake at night. Ultimately, the way to avoid sleepless nights is to invest in a fully managed, enterprise-grade, always-on data management solution with best-in-class security features. However, if the unthinkable happens, what businesses really need is a plan B—a way to reset their data to where it needs to be. And NetApp has launched exactly that.


A Safety Net for Data Loss

In EMEA, 43% of enterprises use Office 365, making it one of the leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) environments available. The platform is increasingly used for business-critical operations, and business-critical Office 365 files that “go missing” or are accidentally deleted can seriously impact businesses. Although Office 365 offers built-in once-a-day automatic backup, it does not protect against accidental deletion, virus and malware, hackers, or ransomware attacks. NetApp® Cloud Control, launched with



Offering enterprise-class data protection for Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive for Business, Cloud Control is a secure, scalable service that can work across the cloud, in on-premises storage, or in a mix of the two to protect your business’ mission-critical data from accidental deletion, corruption, or malicious intent. The service, offered on a licence per seat per year basis, requires no installation and is easy for any business to use.


Being able to mitigate the impact of data loss, regardless of the source, in a timely, efficient, and effective way should be a strategic imperative of any modern business. The resulting benefits are significant—sparing businesses blushes and helping them maintain their reputation in a competitive marketplace, as well as preventing revenue loss. With such high stakes, and customers focused on what is happening to their data, businesses can’t afford to be complacent.


Data is under constant threat. We will never be able to fully control disaster, human error, and cyberthreats. What we can control is how effective our plan is before a disaster happens. This will be a crucial differentiating factor in how modern enterprises cope with the increasing wave of threats to their data.


What’s Next?

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Martin Warren

Martin Warren is EMEA Cloud Solutions Manager at NetApp. Based in the UK, Martin has many years of experience working in data protection, data storage, virtualization, cloud, big data and networks. In his current role, Martin is responsible for NetApp’s EMEA cloud strategy and solutions with a focus on driving business growth and aligning NetApp’s cloud offering with customer and partner demand.

Martin is a specialist in private, public and hybrid cloud solutions, including the aspects of data storage and data management. He provides advice to businesses on the advantages and impact of different cloud and data storage solutions, helping them to meet their goals. In addition, Martin is a subject matter expert on the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Prior to joining NetApp, Martin held positions at Symantec, Sun and StorageTek. He also worked at IT service delivery and consultancy companies Misys and 4Front Services, advising businesses on adopting IT services specifically from a blended approach.

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