Carrenza’s Matthew McGrory at Insight Berlin.

Your hosting provider is going to put you on their new cloud platform. The infrastructure is engineered by them. You now no longer have to worry about engineering the storage, network, compute, virtualisation and monitoring. It will give you more time to focus on your business. The first few weeks are fine — outstanding in fact. Then, you suspect as more customers are added, the performance starts to dwindle and your customers start to complain.

Or maybe you’ve been burned before? After three years of variable performance and worry that every time your phone rings, it might be someone calling to say your applications or business critical website is down, you are going to move to a new provider. This time you are going for a dedicated tier of performance so those pesky “SAN issues” everyone keeps telling you about won’t happen. But hang on, the quote has arrived; is that the price or the sales guy’s telephone number?

I spent some time last week with customers of Carrenza who have had exactly these issues with their previous hosting providers. I like to keep my hands-on skills up to scratch and assisted with the installation of their new SolidFire storage platform last year. It was great to catch up with Carrenza’s Managing Director Matt McGrory and their customers CommuniGator and Fourth. I also had the opportunity to speak to Carrenza’s prospects in London and Amsterdam, about the NetApp SolidFire technology.

Matt talked initially about the history of Carrenza, now part of the 6Degrees group, and where it’s come from. Carrenza is a global cloud service company that provides award-winning IaaS and PaaS. It has a long history in the UK market, is a government-approved provider and has hosted infrastructure for some large events in the UK including Red Nose Day.

At Carrenza’s event last week, experts from CommuniGator, a marketing automation specialist, talked about their experience of moving from a dedicated hosting infrastructure that they had for 12 years onto the cloud-provisioned service. With the dedicated platform, CommuniGator experienced rising costs related to achieving the performance it needed. Carrenza helped migrate CommuniGator’s platform with minimum downtime, using their expertise and skills, while reducing the overall platform costs.

CommuniGator was moved seamlessly onto the NetApp SolidFire all-flash storage system. In fact, the team didn’t realise it until the next day! Performance became consistent and predictable, and they know that even with only a moment’s notice, Carrenza can scale the capacity and performance to exactly what is needed. So CommuniGator, just like all of Carrenza’s customers, can focus on building its business and achieving its goals rather than the underlying infrastructure.

And, as Carrenza is fueled by NetApp SolidFire, customers don’t have to care. No more worrying about noisy neighbors, price of dedicated infrastructure, customer/user experience. No more frustrated phone calls regarding poor or degrading performance. Instead, they can seamlessly scale and accelerate their business performance, knowing they can rely on Carrenza’s infrastructure to support their rapidly evolving application and infrastructure demands. Check out the case study to learn more here.


Andy Roberts