Data is the currency of the digital age. The way you store and manage data has a profound effect on business success. Some vendors try to sell you multiple, different storage solutions to address every need. That’s like the experience of taking a trip to Europe twenty years ago. You wasted a lot of time exchanging currency, lost money on every transaction, and ended up with a wad of bills in your pocket you couldn’t use.


Other vendors claim they can meet all your diverse needs with a single, limited storage solution. You can think of that as flying around the world with only one currency in your pocket and no credit card. You won’t get very far without changing money.


The NetApp ONTAP 9 approach is fundamentally different. Building your business on ONTAP and the data fabric is like having a network of ATMs in every country. You can access your “currency” everywhere without delays or complicated exchanges-with interfaces that are simple and familiar.


When NetApp launched ONTAP 9 in May 2016, our goal was to help enterprise IT customers manage data as a “universal currency”, bridging the existing and emerging worlds, across flash, disk, and cloud, and across both test/dev and production environments. ONTAP helps you achieve this by spanning NetApp engineered storage systems, converged infrastructure, third-party arrays, commodity servers, next-to-the-cloud, and in-the-cloud environments. You can store and access your data anywhere with no impediments. We let you have more “ATMs” in more locations so you can always get cash fast.


Everything NetApp is announcing today furthers this objective.


Flash Everywhere

With flash moving from a point solution to a pervasive technology, we’ve added new all-flash and hybrid-flash storage systems and enhanced your ability to use flash on commodity servers running ONTAP Select. The first with 15TB SSDs and multi-stream write (MSW) SSDs, NetApp flash solutions are radically changing the economics of enterprise storage.


Our new All Flash FAS (AFF) systems replace two racks of existing storage in as little as 5U of rack space, providing an 11x reduction in power and space and paying for themselves in just 6 months. Accessing data on NetApp flash systems is like pulling up to an ATM with facial recognition or retinal scanning-your transactions proceed with no delay and no friction.


With unified support for block and file protocols and consistent enterprise-grade data management, ONTAP lets you take advantage of flash across your entire operation-not just solve point problems. Like a universal currency, your data is accessible and usable everywhere.


New AFF systems deliver up to twice the performance at half the latency, with setup in under 10 minutes. Our new hybrid FAS systems deliver up to 200% higher performance with integrated NVMe Flash Cache in all models.


Need your financial data on all-flash storage for maximum performance during year-end? You can move the data from FAS to AFF in the same cluster with no impact to users or running applications. It’s like being able to visit any ATM and never worrying about being unable to get service or having to pay annoying “out of network” fees. And for the fastest connections between you and the bank, we’ve added industry-first support for 40 Gb Ethernet and 32Gb Fibre Channel, eliminating bottlenecks.


Simply Anywhere

NetApp is working hard to allow you to treat your data as a universal currency. We’ve expanded our ONTAP deployment options to include Microsoft Azure in addition to AWS. With ONTAP and the Data Fabric, you can adopt a multi-cloud strategy, and move and manage data between your data centers and Azure and AWS locations as needed.


Data in the cloud or at a remote office is managed the same as the multi-PB system in your corporate data center, and ONTAP can act as a bridge between traditional enterprise applications and next-generation apps, easily accommodating both.


Common Data Management.jpg

We’ve also added massively scalable, high performance NAS containers that are ideal for the latest generation of applications in EDA, high-tech, oil and gas, and media and entertainment. With NetApp FlexGroup you can scale a single container to 20PB and 400 billion files, ensuring that your ATM network never runs out of cash.


And, because you don’t want your currency being copied or stolen, we’ve added granular, volume-level, software-based encryption for data on any drive type, so you can protect sensitive data without having to purchase self-encrypting drives.


Are You Ready to Cash In?

The key to cashing in on the next best thing can be summed up in two words: data management. We trust our financial institutions to manage and safeguard our assets-and to simplify access and retrieval-so why wouldn’t we do the same for the currency of the digital era?


For customers transitioning to a digital enterprise, NetApp’s new ONTAP software and flash systems along with the Data Fabric provide a modern foundation that simplifies, accelerates, and secures existing and emerging data centers. NetApp helps you deploy flash everywhere and manage data anywhere, increasing the value you get from your data and helping your business succeed.


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Joel Reich

Joel Reich is the executive vice president for Storage Systems & Software at NetApp. He is responsible for overseeing the strategy and development of a broad product and solutions portfolio, including ONTAP data management software, AFF, FAS and E-Series systems, and NetApp manageability software.

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