Back in 1979, Cerner’s cofounders came to a profound conclusion: if the automobile industry could be automated using IT, so could medicine. Turns out, they were right. They learned that by focusing on automation and bringing healthcare and IT together, innovation is inevitable. Nearly forty years later, that investment has paid off, and Cerner is one on the largest publicly traded healthcare IT companies in the world.


When you’re in the business of helping the people that save lives, your software solutions must always be reliable and available. Cerner takes a proactive approach by leveraging NetApp OnCommand Insight to monitor its infrastructure for any potential issues that may cause disruptions. Early detection allows Cerner to resolve any problems before an outage happens.


With an IT platform built on NetApp, Cerner has developed a number of other innovative healthcare IT solutions that improve the lives of patients and doctors alike. Cerner’s software solutions help break down silos so that doctors can make informed decisions in real time. Its St. John Sepsis Agent leverages an algorithm with tweakable thresholds to help detect sepsis, the leading cause of infectious disease deaths, sooner. An earlier diagnosis of sepsis can increase a patient’s survival odds by 20-30%. Cerner was also an early pioneer in the Electronic Health Records market, which has since become commonplace at virtually every modern hospital and healthcare provider in the world.


I could go on and on about the countless other innovative healthcare IT solutions that Cerner has developed over the years. But at its core, the success of Cerner has always been about the power of data. As technology continues to evolve, Cerner is using data to push the cutting edge of what’s possible in healthcare IT, improving patient care, and making the jobs of countless doctors and healthcare professionals that much easier.


These are just a few of the reasons why I believe Cerner deserves to win NetApp’s 2017 Innovation Award. Learn more about Cerner’s story, and vote for who you think should win!


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