It’s hard to believe it’s time again for one of my favorite events of the year: Cisco Live San Diego! Cisco Live was my very first tech conference ever (way back in 2011, when talking about clouds was still considered an act of rebellion) …


Rare vintage Cisco "blah blah cloud" shirt, circa 2011
Rare vintage Cisco “blah blah cloud” shirt, circa 2011


Because of that, or maybe because the people were so welcoming, this remains a favorite show.
For complete details on SolidFire’s official presence at Cisco Live (including how attendees can win a Sonos Play:3), visit our landing page.


Here are some highlights and behind the scenes tidbits:


Socks, claws, and the language of storage

Visit us at Booth #3103 for great socks, engaging conversation about storage (it can’t all be about the network, those apps need love too), and to try your luck with The Claw. No matter your area of focus within your organization, we’ve got someone here who speaks your language. Come by and learn more about why your peers are choosing SolidFire (hint: getting a good night’s sleep is a popular answer).

The SolidFire Claw redeems socks, rockets, and other prizes. A booth classic you don't want to miss.
The SolidFire Claw redeems socks, rockets, and other prizes. A booth classic you don’t want to miss.


If you’ve never been to San Diego (or even if you have), don’t miss the chance to look around and enjoy the scenery. We’re here to help you do that amongst your fellow developers and code curious at #PigDotNom. Register now (it’s limited to 50 attendees) to break bacon on the porch of the Marriott across from the convention center and talk shop with our own Josh Atwell (@Josh_Atwell).

Follow #PigDotNom to get bacon-y treats during Cisco Live!
@Josh_Atwell loves bacon. And you do too, right? Grab some with SolidFire at Cisco Live; Follow #PigDotNom.

Become internet-famous!

I won’t even ask you to draw a unicorn this time. Join us on our Elements of SolidFire podcast person-on-the-street interviews, or share your thoughts on PopUpTechTalks, where 80s videos meet the tech luminaries of the day. We want to hear from you.


Still have empty space on your calendar? Check out #GeekSlices Monday night. Pizza and tech? Right up there with chocolate and peanut butter. Hosted by the co-founder of the Cisco Champions, Lauren Friedman, it’s sure to be a good time.

If you are going to be at Cisco Live, hit me up on Twitter @CommsNinja. I will Polo your Marco requests, but you may wind up on camera.

For those who can’t attend this year, follow along at #FueledBySF and #CLUS for all the game-time action.

Amy Lewis