By Ty McConney, Vice President Flash Solutions


I recently spent six months looking for the right property in the U.S. searching cumbersome and slow-to-respond online resources for listings and market trends to get a sense of when and where to buy to get the best value. There were times, I found the information was outdated, and the properties were either off the market or prices had increased dramatically. Other times the page didn’t load quickly so I’d move on to a new site. Eventually, I was able to find the perfect home by having the right information, when I needed it, where I needed it…but it could have been a lot easier—and less stressful—in hindsight.


Today, the real estate market is all about data and speed. As competition grows fiercer and the pace of the real estate market quickens, realtors, investors and homeowners need to work smarter. In particular, real estate data providers need to acquire, process, and transfer information quickly and accurately to help people make better timely decisions. For some of us, purchasing a home might be the most expensive decision we ever make, therefore the delivery and accuracy of that information is much more vital.


RP Data (a CoreLogic company) is one such provider who understands this. Had I been searching for a home in Australia or New Zealand, I would have benefitted from their service!


RP Data knows that their customers care about three things: speed, quality, and accuracy. As the largest provider of real estate property valuation information, analytics and risk management services in Australia and New Zealand, RP Data continuously collects and manages a staggering amount of data, including maps and high-resolution images from more than 130 feeds. Every day they process and feed terabytes of data into a database of more than 500 million data decision points and enable customers to make more confident decisions.


However, RP Data’s technology infrastructure wasn’t always up to the task as it wasn’t built for the volume and performance needed to meet customers’ needs. The company searched for IT solutions that could accelerate the delivery of time-sensitive information and improve the customer experience.


IT Renovation

RP Data implemented a NetApp EF-Series all-flash storage-array for critical workloads on top of its existing NetApp storage and processes. The solution worked seamlessly with the company’s existing infrastructure, making the transition to the new solution completely transparent to users.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 9.40.40 PM.png


The renovated infrastructure handles and transfers heavier workloads faster than ever before. As a result, consumers and financial institutions are better prepared and able to move faster than their competitors; accessing vital information in real-time and leading to more informed and confident decisions.


If the past couple of years have been any indication, access to accurate and timely information will only become more vital for success in the real-estate market moving forward. From potential homeowners to realtors to mortgage brokers, accurate market data in real-time will mean the difference between closing the deal or missing the opportunity.


For RP Data and NetApp, it means continuing to accelerate insight by leveraging the latest flash and cloud solutions, thereby delivering critical data to people throughout Australia and New Zealand; when they need it, where they need it.


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