By Tara Bal, Head of Communications, NetApp APAC


Japan is a beautiful country that is steeped in tradition and culture. At the heart of Japanese culture is a deep sense of respect for others, putting others before self. At NetApp, our culture is similar; we are geared towards helping our customers succeed and at the new office in Tokyo, we have created an environment that closely mirrors this.


At a recent interview, our CEO George Kurian spoke about why he was confident about NetApp. He believed that what set us apart from our competitors and counterparts are our people. The people at NetApp is a team that pulls together to make great things happen for our customers, partners and for each other.


In the same vein, the concept of this new office hinges on that- housing a conducive environment where teams can connect with our partners and customers on a deeper than surface level. We wanted to create a workspace that housed facilities such as a Customer Experience Centre (CEC), Proof of concept (POC) room, and Test Labs whose sole purpose was to craft better customer experiences. Several of our Japanese colleagues have commented that the new facilities enabled them to offer positive encounters to customers.


This year, NetApp Japan was in the top 10 on Great Place to Work’s “Best Workplaces 2015” list and we are extremely proud of that. We need to keep that up and that means forming a space that effectively equips our employees, encouraging them to develop strong skills and becoming successful individuals. I firmly believe that this new workspace will motivate our people to scale greater heights.


At the opening earlier this month, Junichi Iwakami, President, NetApp Japan said that, “employees are the key to NetApp’s winning culture and this drives our competitive advantage. As always, we are fully committed to helping our customers and partners succeed, and this is underpinned by the things we do internally, such as our internal exchange programs and volunteer efforts, which makes NetApp such a Great Place to Work.”




Rick Scurfield, Junichi Iwakami, Masafumi Honda (Alliance & Cloud Sales Director), Mitsunori Shirota (Partner Sales Director) participated in the “Kagami Biraki”, a Japanese traditional ceremony to celebrate the opening of the new office. In the spirit of embracing the Japanese culture, the executives also wore the “Happi”, a traditional festival garment.


My heartiest congratulations to Iwakami-san and his team on their new space! Looking forward to many wonderful years ahead!