We talk about Data Explosion ?
According to IDC, by 2020 the amount of digital information will grow from 3.2 zettabytes today to 40 zettabytes. This is 10 million of iPhones 6.


IDC 2020.PNG


So imagine tomorrow ?
Smart cities, Internet of Everything will accelerate the trend…

This is already a main trend ?
Data is at the heart of business today.

Digital transformation is a reality, and companies are embracing it to accelerate their business.

How to handle that data ?
How may they handle that Data?

And more importantly, they will need to get business value out of this amount of data. But how?

So this is only the beginning ?
When you hear Big Data, be sure this is only the beginning, if you don’t think right now about it …

One easy option would be to rebuild the data silos we just spent the last 10 years getting rid of.

And say good bye to agility or flexibility?
When business already asks for more? Not an option, this is where innovation comes into play.

Innovation ?
That’s why a real new agile alternative will help solve the new architecture dilemma.

You’re telling me about something innovative?
It has to provide data management across the borders.

Integrate customer’s technology choices, and service providers.


You mean Hybrid solution ?
An hybrid solution lets customers choose on premise… near… and in the cloud … in any combination…

An hybrid solution allows customers to change as the needs of the business change

An hybrid solution offers you the power to deliver Flexibility and Agility.




Work today, anticipate tomorrow and deliver agility ?

Work today, anticipate tomorrow and deliver agility

That is what NetApp Data Fabric is all about.


Watch the video here:



From the Product, Solutions & Alliances Marketing EMEA team

Jean-Francois Marie