The hybrid cloud has changed the rules of data management. Data may still be the crown jewels, but it’s only useful when you can put it where it’s needed-and safely. That’s according to Adam Bergh of Netech Corporation and NetApp’s Kelly Hemphill, who talked about the changing face of data management in a hybrid cloud world during NetApp Insight 2015.


Bergh, who is data center practice lead with Netech, says data today needs to be fluid, like water. “It needs to flow where the business needs it,” he says. “Today that is on prem and in the cloud, and that data needs to go back and forth … without any spillage.”



Both Bergh and Hemphill talk about the role of a data fabric enabled by NetApp in accelerating data management, as well as the importance of understanding workloads’ varying requirements. “Not every workload is suited for the cloud,” Bergh says. “There are a lot of workloads that are critical to the business that make much more sense on prem, and then there are a lot of workloads that make a lot of sense to move to the cloud.”


Furthermore, these requirements shift over the lifecycle of the data or workload. “It’s not enough to say, ‘Okay, where do I put it?,’ but, ‘Where do I put it over time? And what are its needs going to be as that morphs and changes over time?,'” says Hemphill, who is global enterprise infrastructure architect at NetApp. In the recent past, he adds, it was common for people to put their data somewhere only to find it locked in, or to need to call it back. “There was huge business disruption in that and there was a big cost to that,” Hemphill says.


Adds Bergh: “Customers … are really worried when they put their data in the cloud that they’re going to run into Hotel California: really easy to get in, but you cannot get out.”


Bergh and Hemphill continued the conversation on the Tech OnTap Podcast. Listen to it below:




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