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Partnerships are critical for the success of NetApp and our customers. To celebrate NetApp’s 20th anniversary as a public company, we asked Datalink, one of NetApp’s largest and longest-standing partners, to reflect on what it has been like working with the company for the last 19 years.

Suzanne Gallagher, vice president of Marketing and Strategic Alliances at Datalink, shares the company’s perspective with us:

The IT industry today is not what it was when Datalink first started working with NetApp in 1997.

Over the last several years there have been dramatic shifts in technology-in the past year alone we’ve experienced many changes. We’re seeing tremendous disruptions in the industry across cloud, mobility, social, big data, and converged infrastructure, to name a few. With these disruptions, customer requirements have changed to become more specific and specialized than before with an eye to simplicity and operational efficiency. The ecosystem is as dynamic as ever, with solid partnerships that you can leverage and depend on being fewer and far between.  

NetApp_20Years_Nasdaq_final.pngOne of the things that has remained consistent through the years is the partnership and valued relationship between Datalink and NetApp. We have addressed challenges together and supported one another. Both companies work closely to keep pace with the changing industry and to deliver successful outcomes for customers. We have learned that even in the face of sweeping changes in technology, strong relationships translate to success for partners and customers alike.

NetApp is a partner we have consistently counted on for innovative solutions to deliver to the marketplace, and NetApp continues to be one of Datalink’s largest partners. As we look toward the future, NetApp will continue to be critical as we help organizations deliver more value to their business.

As organizations transform IT to align with business outcomes, many will need help to assess and fully leverage such things a software-defined and X-as-a-Service, as well as on- or off-premises options and hybrid clouds. Together with the NetApp team, we are helping customers achieve business outcomes that take advantage of these initiatives. We know we can count on NetApp to continue to deliver vision and leadership in data management.
At the time of NetApp’s 20th anniversary on Nasdaq, they are the largest independent storage and data management company in the market. This continues to present a strong opportunity for Datalink and for NetApp. We are proud to have been a partner with NetApp over the past 19 years and are looking forward to continuing to deliver business-driven solutions to our joint customers into the future.

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