By Mara McMahon, Business Development Manager, NetApp


When I say “deliver more than we take,” I’m not talking about charitable giving. Rather, I am talking about the business philosophy of Contegix, a leading cloud, managed application, and IT solutions provider based in St. Louis, MO. Contegix engineers are focused on giving their clients more time and energy than they would have to otherwise spend on their own IT. The result is that Contegix can focus on improving their services to their customers.


I LOVE THIS! It is so supply-chain aware, business for business (B4B), success leading to success. After all, if we focus on helping the next link in the supply chain be more successful, then there will be more business for all of us.


Contegix has long focused on respecting people, time, and data. That exemplifies what enterprises are looking for in an IT partner. First, always remember technology has people attached to it. Being ready and able to interact with the people who rely on your technology is crucial to delivering value-based services. Second, respecting everyone’s time is mandatory. Contegix delivers time and effort back to the customer so they can take their business to the next level. But it doesn’t stop there. Contegix also ensures their internal resources spend time as efficiently and effectively as possible. They achieve this by automating common tasks, which frees time and energy for focus on delivering value. And of course, they respect the data – that means protecting it, optimizing it, and making it perfectly available to users when they need it.


The NetApp SolidFire all-flash storage system has been a key enabler of Contegix’s commitment to its customers, meeting their demands for scalability and guaranteed performance to accelerate their private cloud deployments. More specifically – after implementing SolidFire, Contegix has achieved 100% improvement in server performance and reliability, reduced deployment times and cost by 50% or more and cut monthly service fees for its customers in half.


Contegix has found a terrific combination of ingredients to support enterprise customers in a way that minimizes cost and maximizes value. They are truly a case study worth reviewing. Read the full Contegix story on

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