Join SolidFire at ApacheCon and CloudStack Days!
Join SolidFire at ApacheCon and CloudStack Days next week to learn how to deliver consistent storage performance in CloudStack.

In just one week, Austin, TX hosts both ApacheCon and CloudStack Days. Have you chosen the sessions you’ll be attending? I have some
suggestions as well as food for thought on delivering predictable storage performance in CloudStack, one of the main barriers keeping
business-critical applications from moving to the cloud.

I’ve been involved in CloudStack development since December 2012, and during that time, I’ve observed a few things:

  1. CloudStack is awesome.
  2. There is a huge need in CloudStack to add support for storage systems that have advanced Quality of Service (QoS) technology, such as SolidFire.

CloudStack’s initial approach to storage was to deploy multiple virtual disks onto the same NFS share or iSCSI LUN. Although this model is often acceptable for test and dev workloads (where performance consistency is not typically a requirement), mission-critical workloads demand more.

In fact, lack of performance consistency is one of the main reasons businesses have hesitated to port their most important applications to the cloud.

SolidFire — with its unique QoS capabilities — solves this problem. The SolidFire platform delivers the economic benefits of a shared storage infrastructure along with the performance predictability commonly associated with running on dedicated hardware (better, in fact, as the failure of any component in the system does not lead to a loss of performance predictability for individual volumes).

This kind of technology did not exist when CloudStack was first being designed in 2008 (SolidFire’s first GA release was in November of 2012). My objective for the past two years has been to drive CloudStack’s storage architecture in the direction of QoS.

Attend these sessions next week:

Curious to learn how — today — you can achieve predictable performance to thousands of VMs in parallel using a single, shared SolidFire storage platform? Or how to develop integration tests for CloudStack that work in the “real world?” Attend one or both of my sessions: Guaranteeing Storage Performance in CloudStack at ApacheCon or Real-World Integration Testing with Marvin at CloudStack Days Austin.

Come up to speed with these videos:

To get a sneak-peek of the details we’ll be exploring at both events, take a look at these short videos that explain the basics of SolidFire’s CloudStack integration.


Mike Tutkowski

Mike Tutkowski is a Senior CloudStack Developer at SolidFire. Mike develops software for the Apache Software Foundation's CloudStack project. He is an expert in CloudStack storage, member of the Project Management Committee for the Apache CloudStack project, and plays a critical role in developing and expanding SolidFire’s integration with CloudStack.