Cisco Live brings together the world’s top professionals to collaborate, to learn and to innovate. NetApp is a leader in enabling stories of digital transformation. Together with Cisco and our mutual ecosystem of partners, we are changing our world for the better.


We hear the word disruption a lot these days. The dictionary definition of disruption is “to interrupt the normal course” – something we are seeing as businesses and consumers shift more and more to relying on the cloud.


But another word for the disruption in our world is “transformation.” Today’s digital transformation is causing entire industries to dramatically shift how they go to market and service customers. Cloud, mobile, big data, social, and the Internet of Things are all driving this change.


NetApp’s Data Fabric Plays a Leadership Role in Transformation

Inventions are changing how we work, live, play and learn. From the boardroom to the classroom and out to lines of business, great minds are collaborating to dream how we can change boundaries that shackled us to the past. I am proud of how NetApp and our Data Fabric Technology Vision inspire people at NetApp to contribute toward creating a better world.


Consider some of the ways NetApp already participates:

  • Internet of Things: The 1.3 million traffic deaths that occur around the globe each year are predicted to decline as driverless cars are introduced into market;
  • Hybrid Clouds and Mobility: Improving access to education helps young children through to university students of all ethnicities and income levels, to benefit from the best education;
  • Hyper-Scale and Big Data: Cloud collaboration empowers medical researchers to discover breakthrough discoveries faster – some predictions suggest many diseases will be eradicated in the next 10 years.

Even something as simple as helping a college with multiple campuses increase video surveillance and improve student safety has tremendous outcomes for the most vulnerable.


Microsoft Acknowledges NetApp, Cisco and TELUS for Hybrid Cloud Innovation

Customers have complex environments and are quickly realizing that one size does not fit all. To satisfy their digitization needs they are looking at adopting multiple cloud services.


Service Provider TELUS wanted to be that one cloud provider that could break out from the pack and offer public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud. TELUS turned to Cisco and NetApp, to support their vision of new offerings for our digital world. These included a software-defined stack with Tiered Service Offerings and Integrated Data Protection so that customers can easily choose what service level is needed for a specific application and shift workloads on demand.


For our mutual customers, this means is a tremendous amount of agility.  Customers can leverage predefined and pre-tested service templates to turn services up and down. We were proud to learn that the new TELUS cloud was recently acknowledged by Microsoft as a finalist for Hybrid Cloud Innovation for their prestigious IMPACT awards.


NetApp and Cisco Transform Together

While I love to hear these stories, what I appreciate most about them, is that NetApp never does them alone. We partner. We partner with our alliances, with our channels and with our customers.


Cisco Live is one of my favorite partner events of the year. Why? Because Cisco Live is a gathering of people, a premier education and training destination for professionals worldwide to come together, share experiences, learn and have our imaginations sparked by what could be.


Cisco Live Runs on NetApp All Flash FAS

And because the smooth running of Cisco Live is now mission-critical – ensuring that the thousands of participants (in-person and virtual) have a premium experience, Cisco Live runs on FlexPod. NetApp personnel arrive with Cisco staff the week before the conference begins to setup the environment and ensure everything runs smoothly.


Our partnership with Cisco is a $5 billion business, shaping how businesses, governments and not-for-profits tackle the challenges that change lives. It is even transforming how we run conferences such as Cisco Live.


Cisco and NetApp together are at the center of innovation and change. Together we are working to securely combine all aspects of business-people, process, data and things. The depth and breadth of our portfolio, partner ecosystem and customer base gives us the unmatched ability to understand and connect all aspects of technology.


I invite you to join us on our journey of transformation. Together we are making a difference. Together we are changing the world.



Maria Olson

Maria Olson is Vice President, Global & Strategic Alliances for NetApp, and has responsibility for worldwide go-to-market with Alliance partners. Maria and her team have oversight for teaming with the company’s portfolio of Alliance partners and internal teams to bring to market a variety of storage and data management solutions. Her responsibilities include creation of business strategies and plans, strategic alignment within the partner ecosystem and global execution that increases revenue.

Prior to NetApp, Maria was at SAP as Sr. Director of Global Business Development and was instrumental in on-boarding PwC to become a SAP Global Service Partner, and recruited over 50 PwC countries while increasing revenue and doubling pipeline. Maria has also held senior management positions at BEA Systems (acquired by Oracle), Acta Technology (acquired by Business Objects/SAP) and Hewlett Packard. She has extensive experience in business development, alliance management, product management, procurement, and supply chain operations across a variety of lines of business – from printers, interactive TV, cable modems, telecommunications — to storage products, enterprise software and solutions.

Maria earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of San Diego, and an Executive MBA from Pepperdine University.