OK, this is my technical speak. Goz-in-tas and goz-out-as: It’s about what data “goes in to” and “goes out of.” Or, put another way, we’re talking about speeds and feeds or service features. And all of that is done, over, gonzo, finito, no more, so 2000 yesterday.

Today is about the outcome economy.

The what … ?

Outcomes … business outcomes that result from a company buying x, y, or z.

This could be a service provider buying NetApp SolidFire storage, an enterprise buying cloud/hosting services from you, or a consumer purchasing a product from your customer. This, of course, is a supply chain that looks something like this:

In today’s economy, we have to support the next link in the supply chain — delivering outcomes that help businesses achieve desired goals.

Here is a real life example from a service provider I previously worked with (in this scenario, I am playing the role of the service provider).

We got a call from one of our customers who was an online retailer. The online retailer’s customer interface was a website where you could upload your picture and “try on” the retailer’s products. The online retailer started getting calls from their customers saying the website was not working. The retailer called us to report the issue. Our L1 support person implemented a 5x increase in the level of performance applied to the retailer’s workload while on the phone. The retailer tested and reported the issue resolved.

Outcome delivery:

  • Consumer from enterprise – fast user experience

  • Enterprise from service provider – prevention of consumer churn

  • Service provider from SolidFire – fast trouble ticket resolution (reducing cost), satisfied customer (revenue retention)

That’s it. Simple right? Maybe cloud/hosting companies will become “Business Outcomes as a Service” providers.  Just a thought…

For other thought provoking insights into the way that SolidFire is enabling transformation in the service provider world, download the latest thought leadership piece “A Service Provider’s Perspective: Designing the Next Generation Data Center.”

Mara McMahon

Mara McMahon is the Head of Partner and Service Provider Go-to-Market at NetApp delivered through the Fueled by NetApp program. She is a service provider expert in GTM activities with a maniacal focus on maximizing return on investment from infrastructure assets. Mara serves as a business consultant to partners and service providers across the globe through the Fueled by NetApp program which is a free service designed to ensure the desired business outcomes resulting from NetApp technology purchase are achieved.

Mara has been working at NetApp (formerly SolidFire) for over five years and prior to SolidFire/NetApp, spent a number of years in product marketing and product management at a variety of service providers around the world including Cable & Wireless, SAVVIS, Verizon and Tata Communications. She has over 20 years’ experience working in executive, Product Management and Product Marketing roles.

Mara has a BS from Wittenberg University and an MBA in marketing from The Kogod School of Business, American University. Mara looks forward to working with you in maximizing your ROI.

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