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On Earth Day the world comes together to celebrate our environment, with an emphasis on how to conserve natural resources for future generations. One way to do this is through being more efficient in our use of energy.


This year Earth Day presents a special opportunity for NetApp to celebrate-the company’s Global Dynamic Lab 2 (GDL-2) was recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with a perfect score of 100 in its EnergyStar data center energy efficiency program.


GDL-2 joins a second NetApp data center, GDL-1, on a short list of seven US data centers that have earned a perfect store in the EnergyStar ranking. Only 73 data centers in the United States have qualified for the EnergyStar designation. NetApp’s GDL-1 obtained the distinction in 2010. GDL-2 was opened in 2014. Both GDL-1 and -2 are located in Research Triangle Park, N.C.


NetApp-owned data centers rank as global leaders in energy efficiency for two reasons:

  1. Cost-efficiency: They require a relatively low cost-to-construct and maintain.
  2. Power usage effectiveness (PUE): PUE is a common industry measurement of data center energy efficiency. The industry average is a PUE of 2.0. GDL-1 has a PUE of 1.14 while GDL-2 averages 1.20. GDL-2’s energy savings are equivalent to powering more than 15,000 homes/year.

Energy-efficient features include ambient cooling, where outside air (free cooling) is used to cool the data center instead of air conditioning (paid cooling). NetApp also developed a unique cold-aisle containment system that uses pressurized airflow control for cooling. This reduces fan-related energy consumption, which provides two benefits. Personnel can move equipment without rebalancing the air supply systems. Cabinets also can be configured for extremely high power density, thus reducing the overall facility footprint.


NetApp is proud of its EnergyStar recognition, but the impact of the energy-efficient features goes well beyond the award and the cost savings. The true reward lies in the company’s contribution to building a sustainable future. Read more about our data centers on the NetApp IT website.


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Jeffrey Boni

Jeffrey Boni is the vice president of NetApp’s IT Foundational Services, and as Customer-1, Jeff leads a team of early adopters that leverage NetApp technology in innovative ways to demonstrate tangible business outcomes in terms of speed to market, operational efficiency, and customer enablement. His group includes Customer-1, Data Centers, Corporate Infrastructure, Service Management, Consumer Services, and IT management tools. Jeff is responsible for IT’s technology strategy which includes hybrid cloud and user productivity.

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