The lack of timely information can be a real tragedy, a concept that the ancient Greeks knew well.  When Kreon sends word that Antigone is not to be executed, his remittance arrives only after she has killed herself rather than be buried alive. Kreon’s wife Eurydike, overcome with grief, takes her own life as well.


When Aegeus sent his son, Theseus, to slay the minotaur, he told him to show white sails when returning if he was successful and alive. Theseus forgot to put up the white sails, and Aegeus, in his grief, threw himself into the sea that still bears his name, only moments before the messenger announcing Theseus’s return arrived.


Examples abound of the tragic consequences when information arrives too late in more recent time, too. On July 4, 1932, Marie Curie died of what was later determined to be radiation poisoning. Madame Curie had been awarded two Nobel Prizes – for Physics in 1903 and for Chemistry in 1911 – for her experimentations in radiation, isolating Radium, and defining the international standard for measuring radioactive emissions. Hermann Joseph Meller had been studying the effects of radiation since 1927, but the results of his studies identifying radiation sickness would not come in time to save Curie.


In my one-minute video Analytics Drives Computing Model Evolution, I discuss today’s need for information in real time.



The amount and types of big data are growing at an astounding rate, and the analytics needed to parse that data and find the answers to the big questions are advancing as well.  A late answer, however, is as unhelpful as no answer at all, and at the pace of business, medicine, and science today, we increasingly need answers in near real time, and from a variety of sources.


Data no longer moves linearly.  Today, comprehensive analytics tools to work with that data are just as important as a reliable storage solution. When it comes to big data, you need a flexible and comprehensive solution that can provide fast answers to time-critical questions.


You need Analytics to build your successful future…



… before it’s too late.


From Jean-Francois Marie

Head of Product & Solutions Marketing EMEA