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Final installment of a three-part series on how to effectively implement the ABCs of cybersecurity


By Rick Scurfield, President, NetApp APAC


The notion of data as the new currency is becoming more widely accepted by the day. As the world embraces the concept of the ever-changing Internet of Things (IoT), there is an increasing volume of data involved in our everyday lives. As a result, the challenge of storing, managing and protecting data for longer periods of time in an environment where new threats emerge on a daily basis has risen to the forefront of the conversation of security.


There is a high demand of data and organizations need to find a data-centric protection. Yet, with the myriad of security solutions available in the industry, how do organizations sift through the noise and select the right solution to protect the business’ sensitive data?


At NetApp we believe that for an organization to fully protect and secure its data, it should have an enterprise encryption solution in place that at the very least should provide the following:


  • Comprehensive encryption offering
    Avoid isolated islands of encryption across the enterprise. A comprehensive solution can encrypt sensitive data wherever it resides. Regardless whether the data is structured or unstructured, at rest or in motion. 
  • Cloud-ready security
    Take advantage of the efficiency and flexibility of the cloud while keeping your data secure. An enterprise-ready encryption solution should enable you to maintain control and ownership of your data and encryption keys not only on-premises, but also across virtual, public cloud, and hybrid environments.
  • Transparent performance
    With the high demand for data, an encryption solution must operate without disruption to business operations, application performance, or end-user experience.

All in all, it is clear that certain criteria must be met in order to have good data protection. Cybersecurity is not something that companies and organizations can afford to take lightly. In a recent article I wrote for The Business Times, I outlined how Asia is prone to cyber-attacks as the region ramps up its efforts in digital connectivity. In fact, Deloitte has dubbed South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Singapore as the “Cyber Five” for most digitally connected countries more vulnerable to hacks.


This means that as we actively start to step up efforts in digital connectivity, there is an urgent need to boost overall cybersecurity capabilities and put into place much-needed frameworks that will safeguard our data. A strong cybersecurity solution acts as the proverbial alarm system which will ensure that your data is well-protected from the schemes of experienced hackers.


Data Fabric is NetApp’s vision for the future of data management. It gives you the freedom to seamlessly manage your data across the hybrid cloud. You can move data where you need it most, innovate faster, and always make the best decisions for you and your organization.

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