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By Laurence Cruz, NetApp


In the fiercely competitive oil and gas industry, the ability to quickly evaluate and explore potential oil and gas discovery sites is paramount. For Apache Corporation, one of the world’s largest independent oil and gas exploration and production companies, improving time to discovery is a key business metric. It requires giving staff near-instantaneous access to highly accurate information about ideal drilling locations 24/7. Adding to this challenge, Apache deals in massive amounts of data (nearly 25 petabytes) and has an IT team of just four people.


Through its use of flash, Apache was able to boost the performance of critical applications-such as the Schlumberger Petrel seismic-to-simulation software application. With up to 20 times performance increases for certain workloads, flash technology enables real-time data management so businesses can distill valuable insights and make money from their securely stored data.


At NetApp Insight 2015, Lee Caswell, vice president of Products, Solutions, and Services Marketing at NetApp, and Bradley Lauritsen, director of Exploration Applications at Apache, spoke about how flash has boosted the the performance of Apache’s most critical applications.



According to Lauritsen, the boosted performance allows Apache to run more test scenarios, which then reduce the risk of drilling. “Our users are constantly demanding better performance, and they are looking to de-risk the model,” says Lauritsen. “We want to drill here but what are the risks? What are we going to run into? What’s under the earth?” With the boosted performance from flash, Apache can answer those question at a much faster rate.


Apache is just one example of how the “flash-first” mentality is changing enterprise IT. According to Caswell, it’s a shift that has contributed to an expectation that access to data should be instantaneous..

“Customers are opening their wallets to businesses that deliver real-time information,” Caswell says. “Flash has accelerated customer expectations by speeding search results, improving data analytics and reducing server response times.”


For an extended version of this conversation, listen to Caswell and Lauritsen on this edition of the Tech ONTAP Podcast.


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