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FlexPod continues its leadership in converged infrastructure solutions with a broad set of new design publications for data center management, hybrid cloud deployment, and database platforms. 


Two new management validated designs with Cisco UCS Director provide more options for IT partners and administrators to not only use FlexPod to accelerate deployments, but also to automate frequent operational tasks with best practices, including deployments with Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure.


Guidance for FlexPod extension into hybrid cloud deployments is provided within an updated report on FlexPod Data Fabric solutions.  The use of NetApp Private Storage and Cisco Intercloud provides secure, elastic resource extensions for the FlexPod platform.


New disaster recovery solutions are highlighted with the use of Microsoft SQL 2014.  Finally, through SAP HANA’s Tailored Datacenter Integration, SAP HANA is now validated for use with the FlexPod datacenter platform.


Operational Responsiveness

By using best practices and tools from the FlexPod team, IT staff can be more responsive with data center operational updates.  Two new validated designs serve as a consolidated reference for the latest practices in datacenter automation from the FlexPod team.  These validated designs show automated best practices for common use cases, including virtual machine provisioning, tenant onboarding, and user identity management.  Best practices are also shown for how to use Cisco’s Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) with Cisco UCS Director.  IT developers interested in using scripts for storage resource automation are provided with downloadable PowerShell and Python scripts- the new Data ONTAP ACI toolkit.


Hybrid Cloud Enablement

The newest contribution from FlexPod Datacenter to data fabric solutions is a technical report showing Hybrid Clouds implemented with Cisco Intercloud Fabric and NetApp Private Storage (NPS).  Hybrid Cloud solutions can address demand for scaling resources at peak demand, testing new workloads without consuming production capacity, and for disaster recovery.  This report shows how combining Cisco Intercloud Fabric with NPS for a hybrid cloud delivers elastic scale and rapid recovery without sacrificing security and controls required by enterprise customers.  LAN compute and network resources are securely extended from a customer’s premise into a public cloud with the Intercloud Fabric, while NPS collocates customer data for a ready, secure movement of applications and virtual machines in a public cloud extension.  The use of clustered Data ONTAP in both the private and co-located clouds enables consistent presentation and management for an enterprise’s data. 


Database Availability and Performance

The validation of database workloads highlights the flexibility of FlexPod datacenter solutions.  The validation of Microsoft SQL 2014 with FlexPod Datacenter demonstrates near site disaster recovery for reduced planned and unplanned downtime, maximum application availability, and advanced data protection.  The primary SQL Server database is powered by NetApp E5500 storage system for mixed workloads requiring high IOPS with maximum storage density, high availability and high reliability. NetApp FAS8000 storage systems host a replicated secondary database, with advanced data management capabilities for reporting, backup, and testing of applications without interruption to production environments.


FlexPod expands the growing library of database workloads that are validated on the FlexPod Datacenter platform with the addition of SAP HANA Tailored Datacenter Integration (TDI).  The SAP HANA TDI program enables the usage of SAP HANA with hardware that may already exist in customer environments, expanding customer flexibility for the delivery of SAP applications, alongside with shared workloads.  FlexPod already delivers validated architectures that are able to leverage existing components, or scale out with new infrastructure to meet the needs of a broad set of applications and workloads.  This FlexPod Cisco Validated Design for SAP HANA shows how SAP HANA Databases, application servers, non-production SAP systems, and other workloads can potentially be deployed on a FlexPod Datacenter platform.


To learn about the newest validated designs with FlexPod visit Read the blog post from Cisco here.


Come see these and our full range of FlexPod designs at Cisco Live in San Diego, June 8-11.


Nathan Antons