Everyone should be familiar with FlexPod, our converged infrastructure solution built on the Cisco Unified Computing System, Cisco Nexus family of switches, and NetApp storage systems. FlexPod is a great platform for running a variety of virtualization hypervisors and enterprise workloads with the flexibility to accommodate many different use cases.

That said, new opportunities lie ahead.

There is a fast growing segment of customers who want to build a services-oriented architecture. They are looking at solutions like OpenStack and talking about things like automation and DevOps workflows. In many cases, they are not interested in traditional storage. They are looking at new storage technologies to help them on their journey to build private clouds, offer Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and address Mode 2 workloads.

For these customers, we have the SolidFire add-on – a NetApp-validated architecture for extending existing FlexPod infrastructure designs (CVD or NVA) to meet these new customer and market requirements.

Why add SolidFire to your FlexPod?

SolidFire provides a scale-out flash storage option for block-based iSCSI workloads within the FlexPod data center environment. Architected from the ground up to be the storage foundation of next generation data centers, SolidFire enables existing FlexPod customers to:

  • Rapidly deploy applications and services
  • Provide more agile and scalable infrastructure
  • Guarantee application performance and predictability
  • Enable automation and end-user self service
  • Raise operational efficiency and reduce cost

The SolidFire add-on makes it extremely easy for current customers to bring new workloads onto their FlexPod platform. With core features that include guaranteed performance, seamless scale-out, and 100% programmability, SolidFire is a perfect solution to complement existing FAS systems supporting enterprise applications.

You can find the design guide for the SolidFire add-on here.

And if you think this is exciting, just wait until you see what comes next.

Rip Wilson

Rip Wilson is a senior product marketing manager at NetApp with over 20 years of experience developing compelling messaging and content that communicates our unique business value. Rip holds a degree in business management from Georgia Tech. He is based in Colorado and enjoys golf, tennis and poker.

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