From The Delta To The Valley: A Weekend with India’s Prime Minister

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India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently joined a number of Silicon Valley’s leaders and innovators, including NetApp CEO George Kurian and NetApp President Rob Salmon, to discuss India’s business and technology sectors. Also in September, Modi made several public appearances throughout the Bay Area with NetApp employees in attendance.


NetApp Initiatives in India
Known for its epic contributions to history-from teaching the world to count, to pioneering systems of medicine and surgery, and so much more-India also has an impressive tech resume. Well established as a significant player in technology globally, its fortunes have long been linked with the Valley, and vice versa. To that end, NetApp is pleased to support technology initiatives and social causes in India. These include:

  • Digital India: States across India currently have separate cloud architectures. Through the Indian government’s Digital India campaign, data needs to be shared and managed across clouds, which results in the need for data portability and seamless delivery of data. The Data Fabric, NetApp’s vision for the future of data management, offers a solution capable of managing, moving and protecting all the data across the hybrid cloud.
  • Digital Locker: Part of the Digital India campaign, Digital Locker aims to minimize the use of physical documents and enable sharing of e-documents across multiple agencies. NetApp values Digital Locker as another example of the Government of India’s vision to leverage technology for the benefit of its citizens.
  • Make in India Campaign: NetApp will unveil its newest office, a $165 million state-of-the-art, 3,500-employee facility, in Bangalore in the summer of 2016.
  • Swach Bharat (Clean India): NetApp India has extended its efforts to build and sustain a “model community” within a radius of approximately about six miles (ten kilometers) of its new facility in Mahadevpura. Initiatives include building self-sustainable clean toilets in four government schools and public areas (expected to positively impact 20,000 students as well as communities in Kaveri Nagar); conducting awareness regarding hygienic practices in the community through workshops, campaigns, and training; and allocating US$100,000 USD per year from the local corporate social responsibility budget to the effort, with an additional US$100,000 USD per year for the next three years.

The day after a dinner with the prime minister, the venue changed to the SAP center, where NetApp employees got to see Modi speak at length about India and its role in the world of technology. He spoke of how India’s tech community has changed the face of technology and, in so doing, contributed positively to India’s global image. On the subject of Silicon Valley, he said, “California might be among the last places on the globe to see the sun set, but it is here that many great ideas see the first light of the day.”


NetApp employees overwhelmingly had positive reactions to the prime minister. They spoke of his commanding presence and powerful, yet poetic, way of speaking. They were impressed with the change he has brought about in his 16 months in office-and by the rockstar reception he received for someone who isn’t a Bollywood star.


The evening was punctuated with performances of dances including traditional Kathak and a vocal performance by pop rock star Kailash Kher.


Since its start in 2003, NetApp India has grown into a formidable center of excellence in the region. And, with offices in Mumbai, Bangalore and New Delhi, it also happens to be the largest engineering site for NetApp worldwide.

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