Morera 2.jpgby NetApp A-Team Member Dave Morera, Senior Solutions Architect at H.A. Storage Systems


As you may or may have not heard about the announcement earlier this week, NetApp has released the All Flash FAS (AFF) storage array. Many announcements, blogs, and articles have been written about AFF, but I want to highlight the main aspects for you so you don’t have to read pages and pages (you can thank my ADHD for that).


Let me start by ranting a bit about those who have been spreading FUD about NetApp regarding how the company is “doomed”. I don’t work for NetApp, but I use and truly believe it’s one of the best if not THE best storage solution on the market. Those who are writing negatively about NetApp still refer to it as a single purpose NAS when it truly encompasses a diverse portfolio, and AFF is a perfect example.


What is the big deal about NetApp AFF?


The recent announcement highlights the marriage between FAS systems (ONTAP) and flash. Yes, NetApp already has all-flash systems such as the EF560, but such systems are not running on ONTAP.


ONTAP + flash results in the only storage solution that is truly unified and is capable of utilizing different protocols within the same software AND hardware, in addition to the incorporation of flash. Yes, no need to buy separate hardware for NAS vs SAN protocols. When you add these two components together, AFF is the result of not only all-flash storage, but it also incorporates all the features of ONTAP such as deduplication, compression, built-in data protection. scale-out performance, multi-tenancy, non-disruptive upgrades, etc, etc, etc.


AFF Announcement Highlights


Here are some of the highlights about the recent AFF announcement:


  • Lowest price for All Flash storage ~$5/GB Raw
  • One SKU number
  • Includes ALL license bundles (Yay!!!)
  • Locks in support price for years 4-7 (3 years included)
  • We are talking flash here, so flash wear is no longer a practical risk
  • High performance at low latency


In short, AFF promises to deliver enterprise-ready performance at low cost and low latency by leveraging flash, and ONTAP 8.3.1 (stay tuned for a future discussion about the latest version of ONTAP).


For more information about NetApp AFF, follow my NetApp A-Team colleagues on Twitter for excellent posts.


To read more of Dave’s own excellent posts, check out his blog, GREATWHITETEC.

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