Achieve great feats of storage and new measures of success with SolidFire.

Nothing about today’s IT can be described as “usual.” The relentless pace of innovation combined with the tenacious demands of business are mandating a bold new era of IT, particularly pertaining to storage.

So why do most vendors largely continue to tell the same old stories about storage? The companies that are thriving today aren’t buying it. Why? Because the data centers they are building today have outpaced the capabilities of traditional storage. FICO, eBay, Comcast, and others aren’t just deploying new data center strategies. They are pioneering remarkable new achievements in IT.

Let’s launch a new beginning.

Disruption has always been part of SolidFire’s heritage. Now it’s time to advance how we talk about storage to punctuate our role in the evolution of the industry.

Storage technology is only one part of the SolidFire story. The other is about what’s now possible — things that have never been done before. Customers are thriving with data centers that are more automated, agile, and fueled by SolidFire. And we are proud to celebrate stories and share triumphs like ezVerify, a company that launched the first-of-its-kind, seamless, and real-time enterprise application for verifying patient insurance information in an instant. Together with customers like these, we are enabling what’s never been done.

After all, buying storage today is about more than capacity. IT leaders want to deliver greater performance and capitalize on innovations like OpenStack, VMware, orchestrated cloud environments, and more to transform the success of their businesses.

At SolidFire we recognize those who do what’s never been done and are sharing their stories of success. From our engineers who are making it possible to consolidate thousands of applications onto a single storage platform, to our customers who are building first-of-a-kind business solutions and services, these people are setting a new measure of what you and your data center can achieve.

The answer for the next generation

There’s no doubt storage has been turned upside down. Most of the tools for conceiving, sizing, deploying, and managing storage were created in the 1980s and can’t provide the agility necessary for next generation IT. SolidFire customers around the world, meanwhile, are embracing the possibilities enabled by a predictable scale-out, all-flash storage architecture. They are moving beyond the same old, legacy ways of doing things. Of doing everything, actually.

We are helping to catalyze this new way of thinking. At VMware Partner Exchange 2015, we asked select attendees one simple question: “What would you do if storage weren’t a barrier?” The answers were as profound as you could imagine, including one IT visionary who said, “to be finally able to actually cure cancer.

We turned up the volume at OpenStack Summit Vancouver, kicking things off with an unforgettable video, encouraging people to affix their answer to the barrier question onto a finger rocket, and then asking them to fire it at our CEO Dave Wright during his keynote speech. You’ve got to see the impressive display to believe it.

We didn’t just launch rockets at our CEO.

We invited everyone to start to think differently about their storage infrastructure, themselves, and what they can achieve. Everyone we speak with has an incredible accomplishment of infrastructure waiting to be written and a great feat of storage ready to be realized.

What great feats of storage will you achieve? We’re ready to help you get there. Let’s see what we all can do.


Patrick Hunt